Scarp repairs

On my Dartmoor trip I discovered a couple of issues with my Scarp that needed some remedial work. Firstly, the seam on one door near the pole arch had started to fray (left below). The door seam takes quite a lot of tension. Perhaps I have been too rough with it. All it took was a few (messy) stitches to resolve the problem. I’ve used some nylon thread, so it should be quite strong. The next two pictures show my repairs. A combination of the slippery silnylon and the nylon thread meant it was difficult to be neat (click on pictures to enlarge).

The second problem I noticed was a small stress fracture on one pole section. The top right picture shows the duck tape covering the crack, the bottom left shows the fracture. Although minor, it had the potential to develop into something worse and a catastrophic failure. I decided to swap the pole sections around so that the fracture was at the base of the last pole section. This meant removing the plastic plug attached to the pole shock cord.

Undoing the knot was a bit of a trial. It was easy enough then to swap the pole sections and re-thread the shock cord. Finally I secured the shock cord with a knot and replaced the plug. For extra security, I replaced the duck tape. It also means I know which section to check. In future, I shall be a little more careful with the pole.


5 thoughts on “Scarp repairs”

  1. Interesting that this should happen on a pretty new tent. I have been very tempted by the scarp but am just not totally sure. My laser comp is still going strong after a lot of hard use and with not a stich out of place. Although the lack of space is as frustrating as ever.

    1. The Scarp pitches a lot tauter than the Comp. The penalty is more strain on the seams and stitching. I don’t think it’s a fault. I’ve probably just tightened the end guys too much and strained the door seam.

  2. Robin, I think you can get these little niggles on most tents, does the Scarp come with a pole repair kit for problems when out in the field ? Is your view of the tent still favorable ?

    1. It doesn’t come with a pole sleeve tube but I have one from another tent. I still like the Scarp a lot but I am investigating something lighter. More soon.

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