Magnificent obsession

Chris Townsend has just written a piece on the TGO website on Colin Ibbotson’s new Tramplite rucksacks which are due to go on sale in October this year. How many of us have had a good idea, but never really developed it? We might have done a MYOG project, but very few make it to a saleable product. Well, Colin, seems to be making the leap with his pack designs. From the descriptions, I can’t wait for some more details as they seem to be quite radical. I’ve come to a similar conclusion to Jörgen, that reducing the big three (shelter, carrying, sleeping) is critical to going lightweight. I have a cunning plan for the shelter bit. Perhaps now the carrying bit can be reduced radically. I look forward to finding out more in October. Well done Colin.  Tramplite countdown clock.

9 thoughts on “Magnificent obsession”

    1. It would be interesting to have a bit more detail on the frame system/hip belt and some larger photos. Also the difference between the venting and non-venting straps. If there aren’t already, personally, I’d like some loops on the top of the pack so I can use some shock cord to store waterproofs or a rolled closed cell foam mat. I think there will be a lot of interest in these. The fact that they are modular is neat as well.

  1. I could put some larger photos on my blog. The frame is made of solid carbon fibre rods with aluminium reinforcements in places. You can see it dismantled in the last image in the TGO report. There are three hipbelts – the minimalist one is just a wide webbing strap with small foam pads that would barely cover the hips. The middle one has the foam extending across the back and slightly further round the hips. The large one is a fully encircling padded belt. None of the belts are shaped. I found the large one comfortable with 9kg. The venting straps have mesh over the padding, the non-venting ones are made of the same material as the rest of the pack.

    There are aren’t loops on top of the pack but there are webbing loops on the sides at the top that could be used with shockcord to carry something on top of the pack.

  2. Thanks for blog post Robin. Been away packrafting on the Spey so only just seen it. Chris has answered all your questions and as he says it is easy to mount a pad on the top using the 4 upper loops.

    1. I’m looking forward to getting one. They look like a significant step down in weight from the competitors.

  3. Of all the people I’m glad Colin made the jump to do this. Brave but I suspect he’ll be well supported. Good luck to him and as usual, you’re right Robin – we’ve all had ideas but it takes a bit of guts to give it a crack. Good weights as well – it’ll be interesting to see how they cope in the comfort stakes against the Gorilla and Mariposa – in my view, these are the perfect balance of comfort and weight. You can go lighter, but not that much more comfortable. That said, I’d love to give one a try so we’ll see.

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