Duomid inner

Sean at OookWorks has been making a bespoke inner for my Duomid. Unfortunately it probably won’t arrive in time for my departure to Dartmoor. However, Sean has a gallery on OM where he has some pictures that you might want to look at. I had it made slightly oversized, if you are wondering why the pole tilts back slightly. The inner is the same width as the Scarp but longer, meaning that it takes up slightly more than half the width of the Duomid. It should be palatial. It weighs 570g, but it has a PU groundsheet rather than a silnylon one and the zips are robust. It could probably weigh about 100g lighter with a silnylon  groundsheet and lighter zips, however, this should be a good compromise between lightness and robustness. I won’t be able to give you the full low down until I get back from Dartmoor at the end of next week.


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