Watching the weather

On Monday, the week after next, I’ll be off for my first backpacking trip to Dartmoor. Excitement is rising, and I’m starting to look at the weather forecast. Although I don’t mind what the weather will be, it will dictate my gear choices. In particular, my sleeping bag choice.

Having suffered some cold nights in the Lake District recently, I’m tempted to take a warmer sleeping bag (my Pipedream 600). However, if the forecast is for unsettled weather, the nights are likely to be milder, so I could get away with a lighter sleeping bag and supplement it a warm jacket.

What sleeping bag I take will dictate what rucksack I take. If it’s the PD 600, then I’ll have to take my Ultrahike 60. I tried a bit of experimental packing this morning and the extra bulk of the PD 600 is too much for the ULA Ohm. It means a bit of a squeeze for the rest of the gear and I don’t like compressing gear too aggressively. If I take my Cumulus Quantum 350, I think I should be able to fit everything into the Ohm.

I’ll just keep an eye on the weather over the next week and make a late decision.


That is the question.


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