My blog stats indicate that this blog has attracted over 300,000 page views in the nearly three and half that it has been in existence. Is that good or bad? I’ve no idea, but thank you for reading it. At the current rate of viewing it should reach 500,000 page views just before its fifth anniversary. All I need to do now is think of some more twaddle!


10 thoughts on “300k”

  1. Go for a walk and buy some kit and repeat in varied intervals seems to work for us fine Robin. Add a bit of political and economic views and it brings us back time and time again. Well done by the way.

  2. I actually think the politics and economics is a real strength and I very much enjoy it. Well done Robin and thanks for getting me into blogging.

  3. Yours is one of the few “must-read” blogs on my list Sir!

    I love the economics side of it. The gear reviews never cease to amaze! (You must spend more on gear for us all to mull over than I do on my holidays!)

    Keep it up Robin. All the very best to you

  4. Robin, yours was the first outdoor blog I followed. An amazing number of pages view. After 7 months, I am on 15,200 pages, so a long way to catch you up. You post about 5 times the number that I do, so I guess you will have a far greater number !
    Well done

  5. Well done, Robin. As a foreigner it’s been interesting to follow the political debate here in your blog. It’s like a peek through to (at least some) your internal issues.

    1. I wish our political establishment would have a bit of humility and learn how these issues have been resolved satisfactorily in other countries.

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