Bargains from Webtogs

Webtogs has just sent out an email for their clearance sale. There’s some heavily discounted stuff from Western Mountaineering that’s worth a look if you are in the market for a down jacket. A few year’s ago I wanted a WM Flight jacket but couldn’t find one in the UK. Now I’ve got a PHD Minimus jacket, there’s not a lot to be gained by getting a slightly lighter down jacket. However, it might be something that others would like. Apart from a lightweight hardshell, I’m not in the market for jackets now. Most of the WM stuff has nearly a 40% discount.


3 thoughts on “Bargains from Webtogs”

  1. Thanks for posting up the sale stock Robin, cant believe we still have some WM stuff left to sell, it’s great gear and am surprised it didn’t go during the cold snap. Best quality down I have seen from any brand, although I don’t have any PHD gear to be fair, and have heard great reports from them as well.

    1. I have a WM sleeping bag and the quality is superb. I was surprised that you seemd to have most sizes. Normally sales don’t have meduim as they sell out. I would buy a Flight jacket or a Flash XR, but I can’t justify it, unfortunately. Happy to highlight some bargains for someone!

  2. Yes, thanks for posting, I’ve had my eye on the adidas Terrex Hi GTX boots, and ordered a pair late Sunday (25% in the sale off instead of 10%), they arrived today (Tuesday), feel comfortable around the house so should get a test in the Howgills at the weekend.

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