Why won’t governments listen????  The consultative panel on forests looks like a stitch up. It makes you weep. They had an opportunity to regain a bit of public goodwill with a sensible panel and now they’ve blown it. It reminds me of the quote on Yasser Arafat: he never wasted an opportunity to waste an opportunity. Back to the battlements. More letter writing.

Addendum: protest email duly despatched to my MP.


8 thoughts on “Stuffed”

  1. Again – it’s a city-centric government seemingly wanting to force through legislation that parallels their ideals rather than the country’s wants. And they will load the dice accordingly.

    1. One of the most interesting things is that having too much wind energy in Denmark (20% of total) is destabilising their electricity grid. Even with the most aggressive wind farm programme is that they haven’t shut one conventional power station. What a farce.

    1. Perhaps, unknowingly, we are all participating in a satirical comedy/reality show on a planet made by the Magratheans for the entertainment of the residents of Alpha Centauri. I struggle to think of any other logical explanation.

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