POE Peak Elite AC

My resolution is going to pot! I suppose it’s fatal to go into a gear shop. I popped into Cotswold to get a map and spotted the POE Peak Elite AC. Cotswold have a 10% off everything offer if you give them your email address, so it was rude not to. Instead of £75, it was £67.50. Strictly speaking I don’t really need this mat. Although it is slightly warmer than the Ether Elite, it’s not really that different. However, it is in black, which I prefer instead of a gaudy orange.

When I got home I weighed it. Much to my surprise it is much lighter than advertised. The mat on its own is 325g, vs advertised 396g. Even with the repair kit and bag, it’s 356g. My Ether Elite is 390g, so the weight saving is a useful 65g or 16.7%. So what was a marginal purchase has become a justifiable purchase. 325g for a full length inflatable mattress is very impressive. No wonder they are rarer than hen’s teeth at the moment. I’ve not bothered with a picture as everyone knows what they look like!


15 thoughts on “POE Peak Elite AC”

  1. Will be interesting to see how this compares with some of the new mats that will be shortly from Exped and Vaude. They are claiming similar weight with good R ratings.

    I am sure we will be hearing about them soon from fellow bloggers 🙂

  2. If you put all your mats on top of each other it would be like princess and the pea (not that I am calling you a princess mind!) would make it difficult to sit up on the tent though.

    1. You’re right, Martin. What looked like a category killer is now behind the curve and facing ever stiffer competition.

  3. The NeoAir comes in a 25 in x 77 in size. I hope POE comes out with a large size too. Or at least a wide mummy shape.

  4. It’s a lovely mat – tried it out in the Lakes and it was great. Really light for a full length mat. I have the same experience as you in relation to POE weights – their explanation in relation to the POE Peak Oyl Mtn was that this arose as a consequence of the manufacturing process, and the variable composition and density of the foam used for that mat. They used the heavier foam for pre-production samples so it was always feasible that a production model would be lighter. The same may be true of your Peak Elite AC as mine is a touch heavier than yours (it was a pre-production sample). Our Peak Oyl Mtn was significantly lighter than advertised.

      1. The Regular is listed at 690g but ours was 550g! This is a winter mat, in my view, so does not rival the Peak Elite AC – the R-rating is 5 and 3.5 – it is also a self-inflating mat which means, unlike the Peak Elite AC, in the event of a puncture, you’d still have some insulation against the floor (not much mind). Looking forward to using the Peak Elite AC this year.

      2. That makes it a much more attractive proposition as a winter mat. POE are really underselling themselves!

  5. my local Cotswold Outdoors didnt have the elite AC (I just happened to be passing on my way to North Wales 🙂 )
    They did have the Peak Oyl Mountain there and it had money off but I didnt get it…..I was good!

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