The kindness of strangers

A big thank you to Richard of Stayin’ Alive for sending me some B&Q foam underlay to put under my POE Ether Elite for insulation. The sheet (220 x 102cms) weighs 170gms, which I reckon is about half the weight of the tent underlay I had used before. It looks like it will fold down into a compact roll or indeed a sheet. One of the delights of blogging is the kindness and concern that people I’ve never met show. Thanks, Richard, you’re a star.


7 thoughts on “The kindness of strangers”

  1. Hi Robin,I well remember camping out in Snowdonia in Jan 2008 and despite all of my best efforts,I just couldn’t get warm.I have also been thinking about some sort of extra insulation for underneath my sleeping mat and had been looking at the Highlander foil camping mats which weigh around 100g and sometimes appear for sale on E Bay.Don’t know whether they are any good but are certainly cheap for around a fiver.Have you ever come across them?

    1. I’ve just cut the mat foam that Richard sent me to a 190 x 50 cm length and it only weighs 73g. I’ve got enough for a second mat, which I’ll give you next time we meet.

  2. Just so that folk know. I too have mentioned before that i have a pack of the B&Q insulation. It’s not cheap, £19 last time i was in. But you get lots of it.
    I got a static whack off it today, which may be down to my combination of Sil Nylon groundsheet and the foam the pad is made off.
    It is increadable insulation for the 3mm thickness.
    However i saw the same 3mm foam already cut to size in Poundland. Yes you have guessed it, it cost a pound.

    1. I’ll watch out for the static. Perhaps it’s worth wiping with a damp cloth before putting down, or taking up. The material on the Scarp held a lot of static until I used it a couple of times. The inner and outer stuck together, which was cured by wiping them with a damp cloth.

  3. I will give that a try Robin, i definitely don’t want that again.
    I will make sure i am earthed before setting to with a damp cloth.
    Ha, Don’t want spiky hair.

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