Next Sunday

I shall be somewhere else, probably the Lake District, unless a catastrophe strikes. I’m lining up an amble around the eastern fells to reacquaint myself with the joys of wild camping. I’ve got my eye on a couple of spots to camp, but it depends on the weather. Gear has yet to be selected, but it’s unlikely to be radically different to the stuff I was using at the end of last year. The one definite difference will be the Adidas Terrex Mid boots.

Looks a nice place to pitch


24 thoughts on “Next Sunday”

  1. Are these new Adidas boots the ultimate boots, better than any others? Does the Gore breath well? (Pro or Performance?)

    Just bought a pair of the Salomon XA 3D Ultra shoes (Non Gore) and from first wear they feel very comfortable. Arch rides high but I’m sure it’ll wear down after a few miles.

    Will you be taking a Paramo, if so it’d take you a while to decide which one to wear! How is your Marmot Driclime, would you consider taking it?

    My most recent purchases have been TNF Scythe Fleece and the Fuera Peak Smock which together work very well. I also have been looking at the Marmot Trail Wind Hoody but I am more inclined to go for just the jacket which I’d wear with the Precip cap.

    How many more wind tops can I buy….

    1. I reserve judgement on the Terrex boots, but so far, so good. I will be taking my Paramo VAL. The Marmot Driclime is spoilt by having elasticated cuffs, spoiling the venting options. I will probably also take a Patagonia R1 fleece pullover, which I really like.

  2. Hi there Robin,( Excuse the informality!)Where abouts are you thinking of heading for? As of today there is still alight covering of snow down to about 300m. Alot can change in a week though! Next weekend should see the lakes become a bit quieter once half term is over. Any way have a great time where ever you get to, I always enjoy the write ups of your trips and the gear reports.

    1. Thanks for the weather heads up. I will take a variety of gear to cater for most conditions. From the middle of this week, the weather is supposed to be getting warmer. I will probably take my Kathoola Microspikes just in case. At the moment I have a vague plan, but I’ll see what it’s like when I get there.

  3. So the Vasco and 3rd Element will be hibernating in the wardrobe. I have taken a liking to the Vista making for easy on and off and it’s a tad longer at the front too.

    Shame about the Driclime but know what you mean about the sleeves. Often a venting area seemingly over looked. I think my latest Fuera smock allows good venting here.

    1. I really like the VAL. The side zip vents are excellent. I have a marginal preference for the VAL over the 3rd Element. It is also lighter. I also have the RAB Vapour-rise lite jacket, which does have velcro cuffs and mesh venting pockets. If I could combine the materials of the Driclime with the design of the Vapour-rise and add an unlined hood, it would be an excellent summer jacket.

  4. In that case the Buffalo Teclite smock sounds similar to what your describing above. (Bar the lined hood)

    Snugpak do a Vapour active soft shell smock which I really like and has an unlined hood. Unfortunately the sleevs don’t look like they could be rolled up to vent unlike the Teclite.

    I had the VR Trail Jacket but the sleeves were too long and gathered too much at the cuff. (XXL is made for the lankey type with Mr. Tickle arms!)

    1. That looks very interesting. A long time ago I had a Buffalo smock with thick pile and it was too hot. It’s only slightly lighter the VAL (520g vs. 560g), though so I don’t think I would gain much.

  5. The old school Buffalo’ with the thick pile would be way too hot for most walking unless in serious arctic weather. The Teclite has micropile which I suppose is similar to driclime material. (Driclime inner is exactly the same in Craghoppers Kiwi winter lined trousers! Marmot market it as their own unique wicking inner ‘Driclime’!)

    I can see the logic of taking the new lighter Paramo’ because you’re saving weight on waterproofing over the Driclime or similar type garments which are just as heavy.

    Still think the faithful three are hard to beat; Base, micro fleece and wind shirt.

    1. I like Buffalo as you both know but I think the Rab Vapour-Rise might do a better job then the Teclite and it weighs much the same.

      1. I had the VR and it was good but I think the Teclite has superb sleeve venting options! Also the teclite is thinner which is better suited to me so as not to over heat! (Haven’t got one but would be tempted but like Robin, how many garments can one own! Note his most recent accquisition ‘Montane Krypton’ which he rates highly!)

        I really like the Driclime Catalyst and only gripe is exaclty what Robin indicated at, the sleeves can’t be rolled up.

        Yesterday I bought the Driclime Vest. Apart from the arms it’s exactly the same as the full jacket except they’ve removed the driclime liner from the back. Excellent if wearing a pack to eliminate over heating!

  6. On another note have you decided to dispense with laminate’?

    I do like the ‘ME Morpheus Jacket’ because the hood is superb but I’m sure it’d be just as warm as a new lighter Paramo garment….

    1. I’ve got a Montane Quickfire eVent jacket that I carry sometimes. I’m waiting for these new lightweight wonder fabrics to appear later this year. What I’d really like is a new version of the Berghaus Paclite smock in the new Goretex fabric weighing less than 250g.

  7. I haven’t seen the new paclite smock however isn’t ‘Paclite’ very sweaty.

    I spoke to an outdoors expert in Keswick last year and enquired about ‘event’ when I questioned the breathability of the Marmot Precip Jacket. He said that event was only 20% more than Precip. He went on to say that the only real way of venting a jacket is by opening it, common sense.

    I like the Paclite Jackets however the precip has pit zips which really enhance the venting. (Like Marmot – fits me well)

    Having said this about event the link is well worth the watch!

    1. The original Berghaus Paclite Smock was a great design (with the best hood of any waterproof) but the Paclite material wasn’t the most breathable. Berghaus have just brought out a smock under the MtnHaus logo—new-for-2011/7230.html that looks even better. However, it uses ProShell. I’m hoping that they will use the new GoreTex Active Shell in a similar design. Unfortunately both the Marmot jackets I’ve owned have had poor hoods.

  8. snows just about gone apart from a few spots above 850 .still trying to get out and christen my scarp maybe sunday monday enjoy

  9. I must say, the landscape that you enjoy up there is so completely different from anything we see here in Australia. I truly am jealous with some of the walking you get to enjoy.

    What kind of temperatures does it get down to overnight when you’re walking the lake district? I’m curious, because even in high alpine regions we only get down to about -6 degrees Celsius during spring / autumn. I am trying to figure out if the gear that I have at the moment is sufficient If I head our for a couple of days when in in your latitude next time.

    1. Night time temps depend on cloud and wind. If it’s still it will be a degree or two below zero, otherwise it’s usually above freezing.

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