At least we got an apology

Spelman says sorry.

Defra announcement.


8 thoughts on “At least we got an apology”

    1. I wish I could be optimistic about them changing their minds on the siting of windfarms. Unlike forests, the lobby groups on the other side are very powerful.

  1. Seems like she’s apologised to the other people in the Parliament, but I didn’t get so much as a whiff of an apology to the public.
    5/10 for effort.

    1. It’s about as much as you can expect I’m afraid. At least she had the guts to apologise, unlike a certain Mr Blair who has a lot more to answer for.

  2. ‘we teach our children to say sorry’ – oh perlease, i bet the air is way too thin up there on the moral high ground, she probably can’t catch her breath to apologise to the public.

    ~Still, its a massive victory and that’s a result of taking the issues to the govt by the public. Well done Robin as well, you certainly played a part in that.

  3. I was pleased to see them admit they got it wrong. I just wish the news agencies would stop reporting things as ‘U-Turns’ – it’s divisive and counter-productive. They had a plan, people objected and they thought about it anew and came to a new decision. That’s called democracy.

  4. I don’t think the U turn thing is counter productive. In a way it shoes that the people still have power to change things we care about.

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