A victory, perhaps

Forestry sell-off protest site 38 Degrees is reporting that the government is about to drop its sell-off plans. It cites reports by the BBC, Guardian and Independent. Let’s hope this is confirmed soon. I don’t want to be cynical, but I hope this is a defeat for the plan rather than a tactical withdrawal. We need to keep an eye on the politicians to make sure there is no backtracking or back door deals.

I had a letter from my MP last week noting my concerns. although there are no forests for sale in our constituency (Epping Forest is owned by the Corporation of London, and a jolly good job they do too), she referred to a substantial number of letters protesting about the sale from constituents.

If you have received a reply from your MP, it is worth responding. I shall be thanking my MP for her response and urging her to ensure that there is no wriggling and that this policy is irrevocably dropped. I wish we could do the same for wind farm developments in the wild areas of this country.


6 thoughts on “A victory, perhaps”

  1. wow, that would be incredible, and a real lesson in people power – i so hope your right. Sounds like Spelman will be felled as the inevitable sacrifice – live by the sword, and so on

    1. The Telegraph is now reporting the same: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/forests/8329525/David-Cameron-in-forest-sale-climbdown.html so it would be a major surprise if it wasn’t true. Dispassionately, there’s no milage in them pursuing such an unpopular policy for so little gain. It smacks of an idea by a policy wonk in a brain storming session. It has the hall marks of groupthink and a lack of common sense. You get the sense that not many people like Spelman, so the odds are that she will go. At least I won’t have to fill in the consultation questionnaire which was hideously skewed.

  2. “I wish we could do the same for wind farm developments in the wild areas of this country.”

    Regrettably I don’t think 38 Degrees would go for that one – they already have campaigned for so-called “green jobs” in the wind industry. We sometimes have to put up with with strange bedfellows in pursuing our own objectives.

    This is a welcome result though 🙂

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