MYOG Duomid groundsheet

This afternoon I spent my time making a groundsheet for my Duomid. I wanted an “L” shaped one, so I had to make my own. I used some silnylon from Pennine Outdoors . I ordered 2 metres, but fortunately they sent me more like 2.5 metres. I cut it into an “L” shape. I found that dress maker’s chalk is best for marking. I used the MLD Solo Innernet as a template  but made it slighter longer and slightly more than double the width. To finish the edges, I used some Mcnett Silnet sealant. I used a thin brush and painted a strip around the edge, then folded the material over to make a hem. I found it best to leave the sealant for a few minutes before folding. Running my fingers along on both sides of the fabric squeezed out any air and made sure the fix was secure. I then added some triangles for reinforcement at the corners, again using adhesive to secure them. Tomorrow I shall insert some eyelets. Unfortunately the weather forecast is for rain, so I  am unlikely to be able to see whether it fits! Dimensions are 225cm by 148cm and it weighs 200gms (without eyelets).

Groundsheet and corner detail (click to enlarge)



4 thoughts on “MYOG Duomid groundsheet”

  1. as you know Robin,

    I have recently gotten a Hilleberg Unna. I am currently weighing up in my mind options to use it as a fast and light tent in the summer without the inner. I might attempt to make a half sized inner of silnylon and mesh to reduce the weight.

    I wonder what HH the silnylon from PO has? Any ideas? I could go to a more traditional GS material but that will add weight

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