The cracks are appearing

This report from the BBC suggests that cracks are appearing in the government’s resolve to push through the forests sell-off. Now is the time to start applying pressure to MPs and to make our views known in the consultation process. I’ll write a few posts this week to let you know how I’m approaching this, with the appropriate links. If enough people contact MPs and Defra, we can kick this idea into touch.


One thought on “The cracks are appearing”

  1. mmm, i read this too. This only suggests they are nervous…the rest of it shes talking loud, saying nothing. This plays to their gallery – news fatigue worked for MPs expenses, then they buried the issue. Careful and strategic development of the issue over the coming weeks is whats needed, as suggested here:

    to keep them on their toes and make sure we set the agenda, not them.

    all the best

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