The gory detail

If you want to read the full gory detail of the “debate” over OUR forests, here’s Hansard.

It’s disappointing that there’s no reaction on the 38 Degrees website. What do we do next?

I’m going to write a letter of protest to my MP.

It is also worth writing to crossbench members in the House of Lords, details on the Save Lakeland’s Forest website. This will give a chance to delay or amend the bill. I’m wondering whether to write to  Lord Strathclyde, the current leader of the House of Lords.

Write to the The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Mrs Caroline Spelman) at  DEFRA to protest: Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR.

Link to the Defra: consultation page on the forest sale. It has the details on how to make your feelings known and where to write to in the consultation process. I don’t seem to be on the list of consultees, must be an oversight.

It might also be worth writing to your local authority (local and county) as they appear to be part of the consultation process.


5 thoughts on “The gory detail”

  1. quick scan of Hansard, seems to be the usual locker room grandstanding and oneupmanship – they really don’t give a monkeys do they! It is however, good to know the enemy in all their nefarious and apathetic colours. A battle on many fronts methinks.

  2. Exactly. If Andy and Robin can find consensus on a subject why can’t that shower of sh**e in the Commons? Why does everything always come down to dogma and party lines?

  3. Alan/Wurz,

    I suppose the playground antics are par for the course. However, don’t give up hope. Several MPs on the government benches wer clearly very unhappy and post bags are bulging with protests. The key is to increase the pressure by writing more letters/emails.

    This is a perfect illustration of how the political process gets captured by groupthink and common sense goes out of the window. I’ve seen it happen in the commercial world as well. It’s very difficult to get people to re-evaluate their position as they see it as a sign of weakness.

    It is very clear that the financial grounds for this action are spurious and that the public benefit grounds for a sale are very weak. If we concentrate our efforts on kicking at those props, we might see a change.

    I would urge everyone to write as many letters (snail mail is more powerful than email) to as many interested parties as possible. I will put up a full list of resources and who to write to in the next few days.

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