Nearly 300,000

The save our forests petition has nearly 300,000 signatures. That’s almost 0.5% of the population. I’ve found the One Voice website organised by residents in the New Forest a good source of information. It is potentially one of the worst affected areas. Make your voice heard.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence” – Leonardo da Vinci


5 thoughts on “Nearly 300,000”

  1. p.s. Interesting the bit about how it could end up costing more money if subsidies to private owners continue as they do at the moment, more cronyism?

    p.p.s. Despite my posts i”m not a completely rabid socialist – I read the Torygraph website before the Grauniad! 😉 I actually preferred the Times but tis no longer free – bleddy Murdoch and capitalists! 🙂

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