Absurd assumptions

This video is well worth watching.


7 thoughts on “Absurd assumptions”

  1. Hang on just a minute…

    I have 2 parents,
    each of them had 2 parents (my 4 grandparents),
    each of them had 2 parents (my 8 great-grandparents),
    each of them etc. etc.

    Surely this indicates that the population is in decline.


  2. Exponential growth will only be halted by a lack of food. More co2 in the world makes plants grow faster so equals more food.

    If the world gets warmer and we also get higher levels of co2 (both of which plants love) the future looks fairly rosy.

    1. An interesting argument. However, global warming melts the polar ice cap, raising the sea level. As coastal plains contain high quality farming land, any gain from faster plant growth is likely to be offset by less cultivatable land.

  3. Good, thought provoking video. I’m not all that optimistic about how smart we are, it made me think of Tim Leary’s arguments for space colonisation, and Battlestar Galactica (sorry – sci fi nerd!). Growth definitely isn’t sustainable, we are gonna have to figure out many other ways, soon. Not sure that politicians (or other bloggers ;p) are entirely ignorant of these facts – it helps to move past simple party political arguments and aim for consensus. Given that Westminster seem to be intent on robbing us blind regardless of the colour of their party logos, that shouldn’t be too hard, at least at the moment!



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