Terrex Fast Mid update

I’ve had these for just under a week so I thought I’d give a quick update of how they are performing. I’ve been using them on dog walks and some other short walks. It’s been so wet that it’s all been on pavements! So far, so good. They are comfortable and flexible. The quick lacing system is easy to adjust. I’ve replaced the insole with green Superfeet ones. The one drawback so far has been they have exerted some pressure on the outside ankle spur (lateral malleous?) on my right leg. The spur is quite prominent and other boots have had this effect. However, they are loosening up, so I think it will be alright after a bit more breaking in. The other boot is fine. They seem to cradle my feet more than the Fastpackers and the heel strike is softer. All in all, I like them. The real test will be using them for a trip, though, so any judgements are still preliminary.


5 thoughts on “Terrex Fast Mid update”

  1. I am sure that you will manage to pick some nice wet conditions for their first trip into the hills Robin?

  2. I briefly had my eyes on these as an outside possibility last year.
    Having said in the past that Montrails suit your feet – as they do mine – it’s interesting that these fit you well. Chris Townsend’s review said these were narrow at the toes, typical of continental footwear, and I discounted them.

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