Adidas Terrex Fast X FM Mid GTX

They arrived at lunchtime. Very efficient service from Rat Race. I might use them again.

Click on the photos above to enlarge. My first impressions are very favourable. The fit is snug without being tight. In normal shoes I am size 8, but I always go up one size for walking footwear. In contrast to the Fastpackers, there’s no toe cap, but the rubber bumper should be sufficient. The fast lacing system is easy to use. Time will tell whether it is secure and robust. Walking around the house they feel just right. While the sole seems quite stiff, they flex easily enough when walking. The heel cushioning is good without being too soft. The grip looks very good and the rubber is softer than the Fastpackers. Until I field test them I won’t know, but I think there’s a good chance they should be good on both rock and grass. I’ve pencilled in early March for my first trip. Until then I’ll do a bit of dog walking in them and report back.

8 thoughts on “Adidas Terrex Fast X FM Mid GTX”

  1. The Traxion sole is a variant of the similarly named sole Adidas use on their football boots and Swoop off-road shoes – so you should get good grip on soft grassy muddy surfaces, and no clogging.

  2. I’ve been looking for a replacement to my Adidas Tangent II Mids (c.2001). The Tangents were almost perfect for me – always felt protected under-sole scrambling on rocks, both in strength and traction, just enough support around the ankle without being too rigid but the AdiDry barrier was not that durable. They also required almost no breaking in. These look quite like some Adidas Yukon Mids that I imported from the US about 5 years ago – more rigid around the ankle and on top – and perhaps allowing less agility underneath. The Tangents just encouraged rock hopping and more while the Yukons said maybe we’ll try next time..

    Sorry, that sounds a bit critical considering I’ve never tried the Terrex – if anything it’s perhaps an expression of my disappointment with the Yukons and so maybe hoping someone can set me straight!

    Adiprene, Traxion, Torsion – all technologies that have lasted and that, I think, are common to the 3 models mentioned (although much changed to look at).

    1. They don’t work for me. I find the “hinged” heel destabilises me and I keep stumbling. I also don’t think they are as breathable as the Fastpackers. I’ve had two pairs of Fastpackers and neither have leaked. If yours have leaked after only thirty miles you should take them back to the shop and get them replaced. For me, the Fastpackers are the best footwear I’ve found. The new Haglofs boots look interesting.

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