Montrail – a farewell to the UK?

Although I’m on a bit of a gear abstinence kick this year, footwear is always an issue and after James’ discovery of the limitations of the Fastpackers, I’ve been having a look around for possible replacements. Inov-8 Roclite 390s were ruled out instantly because I found the 320s slippery on wet rock last year.

I’ve been a fan of Montrail for a while. My Hardrocks have seen quite a lot of wear. Their replacements, the Sabino have a waterproof mid version. It doesn’t appear to be on sale in the UK. In fact it looks like Montrail might disappear from the UK. Rock + Run have them as a clearance brand. Lyon Outdoor appear not to be their distributors anymore. The distributors page on the Montrail website doesn’t list the UK. Let’s hope it’s only temporary.

In the end, the only close comparative is the Adidas Terrex Fast X FM Mid GTX, so I’ve ordered a pair. I can always use them for dog walking if they aren’t quite right. I get through a pair of shoes every year. I ordered grey rather than red!


17 thoughts on “Montrail – a farewell to the UK?”

  1. The adidas Terrex look superb. I never knew that they did
    outdoors mid cut boots. I like this type of lace system which seems
    much more efficient at getting the boots on and off and tightening
    to exact the fit. I have a pair of Karrimor Interval event shoes
    that I’m yet to try out. I’m a bit dubious at Karrimor because some
    people give great reviews and others rotten!
    I’ve read some reviews about gore-tex in shoes and that the
    breathability isn’t so good especially when a manufacturer doesn’t
    use ‘XCR’ and just standard performance shell! This is what pushed
    me towards ‘event’. Today I purchased a new ‘Polartec High Loft
    Fleece’. It was a juggle between TNF Scythe (asphalt – lime cloured
    zipper) or Mountain Hardware Monkey Man.'s-monkey-man-jacket
    I went for the Monkey Man and now waiting patiently….

  2. Adidas Swoops are cracking running shoes – I did plenty munros in some last year. The grip and traction from the sole is superb – only bettered imo by Inov8 mudclaws and similarly seriously studded shoes.The Terrex look like a beefed up version, with perhaps a beefed down sole if you know what I mean, so you should live in hope. Just watch the rounded heel in descent.

    1. With all trail type shoes, I try to use the whole length of the sole when descending. Trying to dig the heel in like conventional boots is a sure way to slip.

    1. Look very good. Personally I’m a bit sceptical about membranes in trail shoes. It doesn’t take much for water to get in over the top, just step in a deep puddle. Membranes in mids make more sense IMO. Adidas do a range of trail running/trekking shoes. It’s such a shame that Montrail are disappearing from the UK as I really like them.

  3. Sounds logical about the laminate being in a trail shoe. If your going to get wet, memrane or not, then you will.

    I currently have a pair of The North Face Men’s Pinyon XCR Mid’ and so far they’ve worn well. Compared to other mid cut boots they feel more chunky though I think they’re the older style. (Bought back in 2007)

    I’ve got my eye on some Salomon XA Pro 3 for the summer.
    Only concern is a downpour! What do you do in this scenario? (Sealskinz socks?)

    Quite enlightened by the Adidas range now.

    1. I agree with Alan. I don’t like Sealskinz. Goretex oversocks are surprisingly comfortable as well as waterproof. At the end of the day your feet will be a bit damp. I’ve used Trekmates and Rocky oversocks. Both are good.

  4. Robin,
    I shall have a look at these Adidas as you may well remember i am not overly impressed with the Inov-8 320’s completely.
    Just a comment for Phil too, I have had problems with the sealskins leaking.Only slightly at first but within a short period of time they leaked a lot. As though the material was acting like a pump. Compress -leak, Compress -leak and so on. I went for 2 different pairs of Goretx socks in the end. (not at the same time you understand)
    and they have workeed well.
    Have a look here. They are a good price too.

    1. The 320s are ok on moderate terrain but not wet rocks or steep grassy slopes. Fantastic ventilation but they are like sponges in the wet.

  5. The trekmates Gore-tex sock’ look the business! Any advice on wearing them next to the skin or do you need a thin wicking sock under?

    I suppose you could take these in your pack and in the event of a down pour you could slip them on.

    1. I wear a medium or thick sock. No sock or a thin sock won’t absorb the sweat and could cause a blister. The best I’ve found is the Chocolate Fish Merino Possum sock.

  6. Robin, Phil.
    I wear Bridgedale Trekkers most of the time. We just get on so well. I do have a couple of pair of Merino’s not sure what make at this minute but they are good. You could go for something a little thinner than these if you so wish but they need to wick the sweat away as you say Robin.
    Never wear them sock less. You will wear the membrane away.

  7. Lyon haven’t distributed Montrail for a long time, i cant remember who was doing it but this was in Outdoori –

    OUTDOORi Vol 15 No25 – June 25 2010
    EOG research reveals that 90% believe the industry has to increase prices to maintain margin
    Bradshaw Taylor to distribute Montrail
    TNF open stores in the UK and Germany
    UK bike market grows
    Latest news from Karrimor, Blacks, Lafuma Gregory and Golite

    1. I found Lyon from Google as distributor. The Montrail website has no distributor for Montrail. They are not on the Bradshaw Taylor website either.

  8. It’s very frustrating. Trail magazine seem to get mondaine shoes on test…so who the hell is distributing them. I think their sales team need their heads smashed together.

  9. I thought ARK consultants in Lancaster were the distributors – but not now, I was just checking on Google and on their site and ended up here

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