Winter camping tips from Alpkit

The Alpkit website has a page on winter camping with some helpful videos. Most of it is common sense. However, I thought the idea of putting damp gear in a drybag and then in your sleeping bag to keep warm, but not transfer moisture was a good one that I’d not thought of. I’ve used the closed cell mat under an air mat quite a lot over the past three years and it helps insulation significantly.

3 thoughts on “Winter camping tips from Alpkit”

  1. Putting damp clothes in a dry bag so they can be kept warm in the sleeping bag is a new one on me too but well worth trying. I’d rather put on a warm damp garment than a cold damp one on the next day.

  2. Thanks for highlighting the Alpkit webpage. This is some of the best advice I have ever read about camping. Much of it is relevant to camping in general, not just winter camping.

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