The weight of technology

We like our toys and technology on the hills, but the weight soon adds up. I usually take a phone (iPhone, 156g), a camera (Lumix TZ5, 244g), a Silva ADC (70g) and a Portapow iPhone charger (96g with batteries). I often also take a tripod so I can take better photos and self portraits (Velbon V-Pod, 279g). That little lot takes me to 0.825kg. I now have a SatMap, which weighs 229g. If I added a Kindle book reader (which I haven’t bought yet), I would be over 1.25kg , before adding in some extra batteries etc.

On my last trip to the Lake District, my base weight ex technology was just over 8kg. If I carried all of the above, I would be adding over 15% to my base weight. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Each little thing doesn’t weigh that much, but taken together, it soon mounts up. Perhaps I should only take a camera!


6 thoughts on “The weight of technology”

    1. The big drawback of the iPhone is battery life. If that could be solved, I could use it instead of the SatMap as well. If the camera were better, I could ditch the camera.

  1. Yes, my suggestion is fine for short trips, but the battery life is problem on longer trips. I would like to see a radio on the iphone as well. I carry an ipod nano for this requirement.

  2. I take my iPhone and Sennheiser CX-870 earphones (13g), Lumix TZ10 and a Joby Gorillapod. All in all, that’s pretty lightweight given the TZ10 is a camera which allows me to learn how to experiment with exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO and has a strong zoom which is all going to add up to a bit more weight. I take a second battery rather than a charger as it is damned light. As for battery life on the iPhone, turn off 3G, push email and notifications and turn off Wi-Fi. Also, dimming the screen a little saves battery too. I am not so much reliant on technology as enjoy its advantages. Unlike Ryan Jordan, I am not out solely to push the limits of my endurance.

  3. I carry a camera, phone (not an iPhone) and a (real) book which adds up to about 400g. Including this my base weight for 1 or 2 nights is about 7kg. Add 500g for longer trips (bigger pack) and 1,000g again for winter trips (Akto instead of Competition, PHD jacket). More if ice axe, crampons etc are required. And I wouldn’t have thought that I was especially lightweight.

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