ULA Ohm mod

While the ULA Ohm is a good rucksack, I found an annoying feature. The padding for the hipbelt wasn’t quite long enough to stop the tensioning buckle from digging into the iliac crest on my hip. It wasn’t disatrous, but it was annoying and could potentially develop into a problem if I used the Ohm for an extended period of time. I’ve been puzzling over a solution and now I think I’ve found it.

In the picture above on the left you can see the buckle. I’ve used a loop of thin tent underlay foam, secured with some duct tape, which can be pushed over the buckle to stop it digging in (strap on right of picture). The picture below shows the underside of the hipbelt with the foam protector in place.

I’ve not tested it with a load, but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work. Hopefully, this solves my only real issue with the Ohm and I look forward to using it this year.


One thought on “ULA Ohm mod”

  1. The hipbelt is indeed really the biggest issue with the Ohm. It could be a little bit bigger and more padded, to carry loads of 24 pounds at the beginning of a winter true-hike for example. I didn’t have the same problems like you tho.

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