M&S Undies

As an experiment, I recently bought some M&S Ultra Fit Hipster underwear. A pack of 3 costs £15. Compared with, say, X-Bionic Energizer Boxer Shorts at £20.99 each, the M&S hipsters are good value. They are 90% polyester, 10% elastene. I’ve not tested them thoroughly yet, so I can’t tell how good they are at wicking or their odour resistance, but they are extremely comfortable. They are pleasantly clingy without being tight. The wide waist band is also very comfy. Weight is 78g, slightly heavier than the X-bionic or my Haglofs briefs which are 52g. At £5 each, they seem very good value. No pictures as I can’t copy one fromthe M&S website.


10 thoughts on “M&S Undies”

  1. I bought some M&S boxer short type a while back on someone elses recommendation, they’ve been pretty good too. I’ll hve to lok out for the ones you mention next time I’m in town.


  2. I’ve got a pair – they’re good for the money definitely.

    However, they make me come out with a rash on my thighs after a day or two so, I’ve stopped wearing them.

    Saying that – I’ve recently discovered Primark of all places do similar underwear at less price – and have had no problems with them whatsoever. Love em in fact.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, mate!

  3. Hi Robin,
    I got myself a pair of these on your recommendation. I only bought 1 pair and they cost me £8. Worn them today on my first bimble of the year after being ill all month.
    I am a big fan of X-Bionics as i find them the most comfy undies i have had, but a bit expensive.
    However i must say that these M & S are very comfy indeed and although they have protruding seams rather than flat seams they didn’t rub me where it matters. They seem good at wicking away perspiration too. So far so good.
    I will definitely be getting some more if i can find a three pack for £15. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I’ve had more than Flu Robin, even more than man flu! The antibiotics the doc gave me were for Pneumonia. 8 per day.
    I’m not out of the woods yet but am feeling better every day.
    Like yourself,Sheila has not had anything either this year. So she has been a good nurse.
    I definitely don’t want this again thats for sure.

  5. Boxers, the one item of gear for walking that I have never, so far, found anything I like. So as soon as I saw that you had found something good in M&S I headed straight out to my local store. Marks do the Ultra Active fit in more than one type, as well as the three pack they had a totally different type which are made from Polymide, Polypropylene and Elastane, a brand of yarn called “Dryarn” which wicks and with “Meryl” odour prevention. Much more expensive, £12 a pair, but seam free and only weigh 39 gms. I am going to try them out in the gym this week and see if they work.

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