The tragedy and futility of war

I watched the World at War documentaries many years ago. I’m now watching the entire series again on the restored DVD version. It is an excellent series which brings home the tragedy and futility of war. Some of it makes you choke with emotion. The collective madness of Germany and Japan still casts a shadow over the world for many.


7 thoughts on “The tragedy and futility of war”

  1. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier if I recall rightly I watched it religiously as a child and I think it shaped my views on international relatIons as much as anything ever could. I recall with some vividness the black and white grainy images – I recently bought it on DvD (last year I think and began working my way through it. Thought provoking still.

  2. It’s a great series. Have you watched “Band of Brothers”? – also an exceptional and incredibly moving experience. I’ve just finished “The Pacific” – -also very good; cut with original war footage and interviews. Both sets are on Blu-Ray.

    1. I don’t think that the war for the Allies was futile, far from it; it was absolutely the right thing. The futility was the German and Japanese aggression, which achieved their destruction.

  3. The recent book of the series by the excellent Richard Holmes suggests that the allied objective of WW2 wasn’t actually achieved until the fall of the Soviet Union and liberation of Poland. It expands on the original series using masses of unused footage from it which he was given access to. His other book Tommy is probably the best modern tome I’ve read on WW1, again full of first hand contemporary accounts rather than revisionist appeasers applying modern values to the subject.

    If you enjoyed Band of Brothers Major Dick Winters own book Beyond Band of Brothers may be of interest. I recently read Tank Men, sorry can’t recall the author but he was a Para serving in Gulf War 2. A very sobering account of war in a tank, predominantly from interviews with British, German and Russian tank men from WW2 with a lesser input from Italians and Americans.

    Quick put em on your Crimbo list with Amazon!

    1. Thanks, I’ll add them to the pile of about 20 books circling overhead to be read. My father has lent me Anthony Beevor’s dook “D-Day”, which I gave him for his birthday :). Also just read Battle of Britain by James Holland.

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