For HiFi nuts

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have a passion for music and HiFi. Now that I’m retired, I’ve moved my study from a small bedroom into a larger one. This has become my home office, library and multi-media room combined. I can while away my hours reading or listening to music (or both).

A little while ago I shifted to a network server based music system distributed through a Sonos wireless system. My first network server (a RipNAS) failed twice. The current one seems to be reliable, although occasionally I have to reinstall the Windows Home Server software on my PC to re-establish contact. The reason behind going the server/wireless route was so I didn’t have to keep going downstairs to get CDs. In fact, the server actually produces a higher quality signal than a CD player, so it has enhanced the fidelity of the music as well.

Anyway, over the past two weeks, I have put in place the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. A 40″ Sony High Def TV (KDL-40 EX713) and a Sony BluRay player (BDP S470), which I’m very pleased with. This week my AVI AMD9T active speakers arrived. These are rather special beasts. All you need to do is feed them with an optical digital signal and they produce music. They have a DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), pre-amp and power amps (active crossovers) integrated into the speakers.

Although they are immaculately finished in a gloss black lacquer, they are not particularly remarkable until they play some music. Whilst my downstairs system cost a lot more, the little ADM9Ts are better in almost every way. They strip away the mush of passive systems, sounding amazingly realistic and tight. Even the bass is well extended for such a small speaker. I played Moby’s Pale Horses (Apparat Dub) and it almost blew my head off as I had the volume set for some gentle classical music (Toru Takemitsu).

I’m now a very happy bunny in my den. I know this will only appeal to a minority, but if you like HiFi and are willing to spend a bit of money, the ADM9Ts are a very impressive bit of kit. Don’t forget for the money, you are getting an almost complete system.




5 thoughts on “For HiFi nuts”

  1. Great boys room!

    I’m more of a dabbler than a true audiophile but I heard about ADM9 T by accident and thought it was an interesting concept to house everything inside the speakers.

    I don’t spend anywhere near the kind of money you and Baz seem to on this stuff but I have just upgraded the sound section of my home cinema and needless to say the Cambridge Audio Sub and Bronze BR2 surrounds have made one hell of a difference to Blu Ray viewing!

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