Yaktrax update

This morning was an interesting test for the Yaktrax. We had a bit of rain overnight, so the pavements had some compacted ice with water on top as well as an increasing number of bare patches. Initially I ventured out without the Yaktrax, but after walking about 20 metres, I decided it was too slippery. I returned home to put them on. I was glad I did. There was no hint of slipping even on some steep slopes. I was a bit wary of walking on the bare patches of pavements, but it doesn’t seem to affected the Yaktrax at all.  For mixed walking in snow and ice, I think these take a lot of beating. Unlike spikes or studs, you don’t have to worry about walking on hard surfaces.

7 thoughts on “Yaktrax update”

  1. Are you implying that the Kahtoola Micro Spikes, because they have spikes, are no use on bare pavments/ and roads which you may have to cross (which may be clear of snow and ice)?

    Are you aware of all the bad reviews that Americans give the Yaktraks – mainly relating to durability?

    I have just purchased the Kahtoola because they seem a much more substantial product, but I was hoping to use them in town as well as on ‘proper walks’.

    1. I wasn’t aware of the Yaktrax durability issue so I’ll keep an eye on them. I have a pair of Kahtoolas but I’m not inclined to use them when the snow is thin and patchy as it has been here over the past few days. It seems to me that the Yaktrax are more suitable for mixed surfaces. I think the Kathoolas are likely to be better for more severe conditions and mountain walking, where traction is even more critical. If you use them on hard surfaces, I’m sure they will get blunt quickly. You can use the Yaktrax inside shops. I wouldn’t want to go inside with a pair of Kahtoolas on!

  2. Robin – I have Kahtoolas. I have used them this week on ice and snow and they are really excellent. I have walked on bared paved areas when the the snow is thin and I am assuming that they will be OK, as long as you are not walking for long periods.

    I agree, I would not /don’t take them in shops. I tried to get a pair of Yaktrax for my wife, but are not in stock when I looked yesterday.

    1. Mark, I agree with your comments having now tested my Kahtoolas around town. They are superb on steep frozen snow packed pavements. They feel slightly strange when you cross cleared roads or walk on bare pavements and I would not like to use them for more than a couple of minutes on those kinds of surface.

      You have to remove them when you get to your destination, but this is so easy that it is not a problem – carry a plastic bag to put them in as they get wet and dirty. Very easy to put back on again.

      Saw the Yaktrax in Cotswolds in Preston. They look very poor in comparison – traction is apparently obtained by chains alone – no spikes. However they are a third of the price so, if they work, may be a good solution if just required for town use. But anything more serious then it has to be the Kahtoolas.

      1. My experience is that the Yaktrax bite into consolidated ice surprisingly well. Around town they are great. I’m saving my Kahtoolas for the hills.

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