Things have been a bit quiet here. Even if I hadn’t hurt my back, getting anywhere would have been difficult given the snow. My back is improving very slowly. Gentle walking has proved to be good exercise. My sciatic nerve is still uncomfortable. I’ll just have to be patient.

I’ve been using my RAB Generator Alpine jacket most days for dog walks. It’s a great jacket and surprisingly water-resistant. Although it’s not as warm as an equivalent weight down jacket, it is less bulky. Definitely recommended if you want a winter synthetic jacket.

How about this for the skier who has everything ? The HUD could be a bit distracting!


One thought on “Update”

  1. I’m a thermal jacket buff and have a good collection! I have a Montane Prism 2.0 which is great though only 40gsm of Primaloft! I bought a Haglofs Barrier Jacket and I have emailed Haglofs UK and now Sweden asking for a comparible warmth ratio between their thermolite Micro and Primaloft 1. Still waiting a reply….

    Recently bought a Nanok Arctic Jacket for this really cold spell (200gsm -throughout) and unfortunately it’s a tad small. I could feel the heat immediately when I wore it!

    I like the Rab Generator Jacket, 100gsm in main body and 60gsm in the arms. I think this may be warmer all round than the Barrier that’s 80gsm of their fill all round.

    The Generator Alpine looks a superb jacket and with the hood up no doubt probably very warm!

    The Zeal Optics Goggles look great but Outdoor GB/Sail GB buy from other sights and drop ship! Hunt around and they can be bought cheaper!

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