Sleeping bag storage

While my Alpkit and Western Mountaineering sleeping bags came with nice large cotton storage sacks, my Cumulus bags came with smaller mesh bags. are now selling some attractive cotton bags for storing sleeping bags, so it seemed rude not to buy some. On the right is my Quantum 350 and on the left is the Ultralight 350. You can see the extra loft of the Quantum!

I bought a third sack, not for a sleeping bag, but for my daughter’s tailor’s dummy, which we recently bought for her DT project. It fits perfectly! Not only did I get a pack of Skittles with my order, but I got a free silk shopping bag. That’s service. Thanks.


10 thoughts on “Sleeping bag storage”

  1. Nice pattern, but I’m not sure that it justifies the difference in price (£11.99 + p&p from Bob’s Emporium, £5.00 free p&p from Alpkit when they’re in stock) even with the silk bag and sweets chucked in. I have eight of them (one free with an AK AD700 sleeping-bag, the other seven paid for), I could justify paying £35 for the Alpkit ones, but £83.93 + £5 p&p from BPL was too much, despite my liking for Bob and his business.

    They’re damned useful things, though. Aside from sleeping-bag storage, we use them for storing kids’ clothes that are “waiting to be grown into” in the attic. Also handy as storage for dirty clothes when mild-camping or hostelling.

  2. I had been think of something down this line for a while and never got round to doing anything about it. Now that i have seen this i will make the effort and purchase same.
    Thanks Robin.

  3. Always great service from Bob and Rose and you get a bag of sweeties as well !

    I also like the fact that Rose always phones you to see if your goods have arrived safely and you are happy with them.

  4. I use the XXL Vortex mesh stuff sacks that Alpkit sell, at 62 x 41 they’re shorter but wider than the cotton stuffsacks (80×33) and cheaper at £3.00. A side benefit is that unlike cotton the mesh bags don’t retain or absorb damp.

  5. I love Alpkit – they’re a superb outfit – but so often they don’t seem to have what I want. I bought Mrs. M a down sleeping bag not long ago and the customer service was just really pleasant. I asked them for some stickers to adorn my campervan with and they sent me loads. Huge fan.

    1. They’ve always been excellent when I’ve used them. As a small company relying on 3rd party manufacturers especially from Asia, ensuring that they can sell consignments with minimal excess must be very important. Most small companies go bust through cash flow problems related to financing stock and debtors.

  6. What’s wrong with the mesh bags Cumulus supply? My Cumulus Quantum 200 only comes out of it to go on a trip and I find it it’s actually quite large, large enough to ensure the bag is always sufficiently lofted for storage. To be honest I’m mostly self taught so if there is something else I should know regarding proper care of my bag, please do let me know! Cumulus bags really are excellent aren’t they? I’ve never had any problem with the bag, sure I lose the occasional feather through the seams, but never anything noticeable. The bag still weighs the same as when it was bought 3 years ago. I’m considering getting the holy trinity (Quantum 200, 350, 450) for different trips (my 200 is only a summer bag here in Sweden (I’ve had it below freezing and it was a less than comfortable nights sleep). The 350 would be great for Spring/Autumn, and the 450 (perhaps together with the 200 inside) perfect for Winter. Even together the 200 and 450 are only a little over 1300 grams, which wipes my Nanok Comfort -10’s 2.2kg off the table. Keep up the good work.

    1. The BPL bags allows the sleeping bag to remain fully lofted whereas the Cumulus one compresses the sleeping bag a bit. Not disastrous, but I prefer to have the bag loose.

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