What a pain!

Until this year, I had never really suffered back related issues. Over the past two weeks I’ve come to sympathise with those that also suffer. I’m assured by my osteopath that I shouldn’t worry. All I have is some inflammation in the lower back. I’m using an ice pack and doing some stretching. It’s not my back that hurts so much as the sciatic nerve. Boy does it hurt when I get out of a chair! I’m sure it will sort itself out over time, but it does kind of limit me in the meantime. I was hoping to do something in early December, but I think that is unlikely now.


17 thoughts on “What a pain!”

  1. hi, long term back sufferer here so many sympathies. Current advice is to ice and rest for 48 hours whilst inflammation goes down and then move on to heat and gentle stretching and then start taking anti-inflammatories to get going.

    If your GP has a physio you can see then they are brilliant as they can give you exercises to build back the muscles you need for carrying a pack and hiking.

  2. Major life style change — retirement.
    Never had back ache.
    What are you doing now that you didn’t before?
    Or what have stopped doing!

  3. Robin – I sympathise with you, particularly when backpacking is such a large part of your life. I sure you will be back on the trail soon enough. Are there any exercises you can do to help or is it just rest ? Going down the gym on a regular basis has helped my knees and they don’t seem to be a problem now. I have a problem now with the front pad of my right foot ! so I have been looking to go back to my Scarpa boots to see if they offer so more support and shock absorption – Or am I just wearing out ? 😦
    All the best

    1. I have a book by Sarah Key which gives some exercises, but at the moment it’s ice packs and a few stretching exercises. I am seeing an osteopath. I had a shoulder problem which she cured in about four visits, so I’m hopeful this will get sorted as well.

  4. Do you sit on the soft sofa with your wallet in your pocket?
    Is that the same side as your sciatica?
    Sounds daft but that is a major cause!

    1. I did see that but the Osteopath says that’s what I should do. Since I’ve been icing it, it has improved.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. I have had similar problems this year. In the end I’ve found exercises in the morning to be the only thing that works consistently. Check
    out the Back Sufferers Bible on Amazon. This not only explains things well but it shows you which exercises work best.

    1. I have the Sarah Key book on joints which has back exercises. I’m doing the gentle ones combined with some the osteopath gave me. It’s starting to improve slowly. It’s the sciatic nerve that hurts rather than my back!

  6. Commiserations from me, although not in actual pain I am unable to get away too due to medical problems; am due to see the surgeon again in December. Cabin fever is setting in, not to worrage, hang in there and I hope you are on the mend soon.

  7. I suffered badly from plantar fasciitis last year for months. Terrible.

    But back pain would be worst no doubt. Feel for you, Robin. At least with the plantar fasciitis I could still head out and about OK – though with gritted teeth

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