A mini challenge

I didn’t apply for next year’s TGO Challenge because my wife was not happy for me to be away from home for two weeks. I’m hoping that I will be able to do the 2012 Challenge. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about next year. All being well, I’d like to go to Scotland a couple of times.

I had wondered whether to do part of one of the Challenge routes I have planned (I’ve got four up my sleeve), but I thought that would be a waste. The next thought was to do the Evantown to Ullapool walk pioneered by James at backpackingbongos. This is a 5-6 day route and has some appeal. On the other hand, it’s been done.

So I’ve been messing about with a bit of route planning on Tracklogs and come up with this one: Attadale to Beauly via Bendronaig Lodge, Bealach Bhearnais, Gleann Fhiodhaig, Coire Mhordaigen, Loch na Caoidhe, River Orrin, Gleann Goibrhe.  It’s coast to coast, nearly all off-road and cuts nicely through some very wild land. Below is a very small-scale map of the whole route. It’s 51 miles, which should take about five days. It also starts and finishes at a rail station, which is helpful. At the moment, I’m thinking of doing it either early or late May to avoid clashing with the real Challenge.


5 thoughts on “A mini challenge”

  1. That’s a smashing route Robin. I’ve done the sections from Attadale to Bendronaig Lodge (about ten years ago with Mick Coady, on the Challenge) and from Pollan Buidhe to Beauly – almost exactly what you are planning – (in 2009 on my own on the Challenge). The Corriehallie Forest is a wonderful place.

    Looks like a really good compromise between real life and getting away from it all!

    1. I found some good photos on geograph which whetted my appetite. Although it’s wild, there are a number of bailout options if things go wrong. The other advantage is transport as I can get the sleeper to and from Inverness and get connections to Attadale and from Beauly.

  2. That is a great plan for a coast to coast walk there Robin, looked at it on Anquet maps and passes through some nice wild scenery. Don’t discount the Evanton to Ullapool walk though as it is a stunning week in the hills. Just have to commit to crossing high hills though!

    1. I was drawn to the Evantown to Ullapool walk but thought it would be fun to plot my own. It also starts and ends at a rail station, which helps.

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