Another focus

At the moment I’m focussing on my other blog (lemmings can teach nothing), so posts here are going to be a bit intermittent. I’ve also hurt my back, so the chances of getting out again this year are low. I’ve seen an osteopath and she thinks it’s not serious, but it will take a bit of time to heal. There’s lots going on in the global economy to keep me busy.


7 thoughts on “Another focus”

  1. Robin – I thought you were a little quiet at the moment. Hey sorry to hear about your back. I will have a look at your new blog. Running my own company with two other shareholders means I am always interested in economics. I have been very busy of late at work, budgets, price lists, cash flow forecasts etc so not had so much time to write my blog.
    All the best. Hope you get better soon and your wife is on the mend.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Sorry to hear you have joined the bad back club. Keep taking the Dicloflex, they work for me.

    I’m not in the least bit interested in Economics apart from the price of beer of course!
    Hope your new blog inspires. I’m sure it will.

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