The only one?

It feels like I’m just about the only blogger not going on the TGO Challenge next year. In a funny sort of way I’m glad as it frees me to do some other things and there are going to be a lot Challenge accounts to compete with! Good luck to everyone and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. One year I may make it!


9 thoughts on “The only one?”

  1. I cannot go – with a 2 week old, I have to ration my ‘long ones’ and the The Haute Route in the Alps next August is my only permissible ‘long one’ for the next year…

  2. Sorry to hear the draw was not favourable to you. Better luck next time. But as you mentioned, there are two sides of the same coin – now you can concentrate on something else

    1. Thanks Maria but I didn’t enter the draw as my wife is not well enough yet for me to have a two week trip. However I plan to have two one week trips next year to compensate.

  3. I’m not going either, and I know that Phil & Steven didn’t get in and make other Plans, all of us Nordic Lightpacking guys aren’t going, and also Mr. PTC likely ain’t going =) You’re not alone!

    1. Maybe in 2012? At the moment I’m only allowed one week away from home.

      I’ve just plotted a 51 mile coast to coast route for early May to get my own back 🙂

  4. Ok, so that was a misunderstanding! Sorry to hear your wife is not well enough, but sometimes one needs to prioritise. And I’m happy to hear you prioritise your wife! 🙂

    The TGOC sounds like an interesting event, and although I know it is not realistic for me (& my husband) to participate in the next 5 – 10 years (3 smallish children in the family), a certain thought process has started, so maybe some year…

    1. As you say my wife takes priority, which is not an issue. She’s gradually getting better, but it’s a long process.

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