Cumulus Quantum 350 mod

The Cumulus Quantum 350 is a very good sleeping bag. I am a particular fan of the trapeziodal baffle system, which is more effective at avoiding cold spots than a conventional box wall system. The quality of the down is very high and the Pertex material is luxurious. Compared with the cheaper Ultralight 350 bag, it is in a different class. However, on my last trip I discovered an irritating feature (not unique to the Quantum). The zip baffle is not thick or stiff enough to stop the metal zip puller from dangling in your face when sleeping on one side. This is an issue that I also had with my Western Mountaineering Highlite, although the Highlite has no zip baffle, so it is more forgivable. So it was time to modify the Quantum

I am no expert with a needle and thread, but I thought the easiest thing to do would be to sew a couple of poppers on the baffle so it would clip to the main body of the bag. It took me a couple of goes to get it right, but eventually I cracked it, shown below.


Poppers closed.

Not perfect, but good enough. One more little problem solved.


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