Ultrahike hipbelt mod

Although not a major issue, the one slight discomfort with the Ultahike was the lower finger of the hipbelt. This caused a slight soreness just below my hip to the rear. I felt that the hipbelt could do with a bit of extra padding, so I cut a piece of thin tent underlay foam into a short strip and wrapped it around the hip belt. I secured it with a piece of duct tape. I’m rather pleased with the result. It looks unobtrusive but certainly adds a bit of extra padding. I won’t know whether it has worked until I take the pack out again.

Extra padding with a piece of tent underlay

Neatly secured with a piece of duct tape


3 thoughts on “Ultrahike hipbelt mod”

  1. Robin,

    I have just been perusing the latest Black Diamond Infinity 60 pack which may be of interest to you if your Ultrahike fails to reach nirvana. Although it is 1.74 kgs it potentially promises excellent comfort because they have borrowed an idea which works very well on my Aarn rucksack where the bottom of the straps are connected / continuous and run through a sleeve in the base of the sack. For this to work it must be a low friction sleeve or strap set up like Aarn has done.
    I found this feature of great comfort on the Aarn as it seems to reduce pressure on the shoulders and seems more important to me than the counter balanced pockets.

    The BD Axiom 40 (1.15 kgs) also caught my attention for the same reason.
    Not sure if they are available in UK yet.

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