Charlie, you’re the man

I was doing some decorating yesterday, listening to Charlie Musselwhite. What a blues harpist!

If you like the blues, listen to this live version of Christo Redemptor (mispelt Redentor on YouTube). Smooth or what!


4 thoughts on “Charlie, you’re the man”

  1. Robin – great playing and a good guitar solo as well. I like Mark Feltham from Nine Below Zero – a very good harmonica player. I saw them a few times years ago – Still going. They are a great R & B band live ( the old definition of R & B). If you don’t know them check out the live album – On the Road Again.
    Excellent version of Canned Heat’s – On the Road Again!!

  2. Near the end of a backpacking trip I start craving music (and switching back to Colgate from Dr Bronner’s). Today, first day home and I had iTunes set to give a blues shuffle so this fitted right in – almost. As you said, it’s smooth. I quite like a few rough edges with my blues. You Tube had a Musselwhite version of Help Me close to Christo Redemptor and that did it for me, apart from the abrupt ending.

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