Food Doctor pitta bread

Regular readers will know that I switched to pitta (or pita) bread sandwiches from normal bread a while ago. I transitioned from oval to Waitrose round wholemeal pitta bread but then found Food Doctor pitta bread. They are a bit more expensive at £1.05 for 6 compared with 79p. However they keep a lot longer and they have a variety of cereals and seeds. They have more taste and are a good source of fibre. I like them with a slice of Jaarlsberg cheese. They are very filling and I find that two (with cheese) can keep me going all day. The beauty of pitta over normal bread is that it is more compact and crush resistant.



5 thoughts on “Food Doctor pitta bread”

  1. A top tip! It baffles me why I’ve overlooked pitta bread for outdoor lunches before now – do you toast them lightly, or straight out the bag?

  2. M&S wholemeal Pitta are cheap at 0.55p for 6 and they taste damn good too! Pitta’ are great for tuna mayo because unlike bread they don’t seem to soak up the mayo making it soggy!

  3. I’ve used these for a while; a pack set out with me on my West Highland Way and they remain remarkably edible and semi intact for quite a long time! I normally split them into two batches of 3 finding the second batch don’t go off quite as fast as if you were constantly opening and resealing a pack. Though logically it doesn’t stack, that’s what’s happened in my experience…

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