iPhone glitch

One thing I forgot to mention after my latest trip was that the GPS function on my iPhone had a seizure. Previously I had been very impressed with its accuracy. However, on the way down to Moor Divock, I was trying to find where I was in relation to a branch in the path and it was very badly out. First of all it positioned me in the Midlands somewhere. Then it told me twice that I was in Penrith. At the fourth time of asking, it showed me reasonably accurately where I was. I experimented a few more times and found myself located in Penrith a couple of times before I got an accurate fix. Very strange. It could be that I was quite low on battery and the GPS system couldn’t draw enough power. Anyway, I pass it on as a warning to be careful about believing a GPS fixing. I’ve always used a GPS as a secondary tool rather than a primary route finding tool. I will be more wary in future. I’m glad it wasn’t misty.


5 thoughts on “iPhone glitch”

  1. I find the trick is to know where you are on a map when you start. A compass can be faulty due to metal or declination issues. GPS flakey electronics. Even the wrong map. I use a map (downloaded on the iphone) a small compass, and the GPS (on the iphone). As I hike I look backward to see what the path looks like coming back the same route. I pay attention to time, distance, and the weather. It is all part of the fun of hiking for me I guess. Bottom line, be prepared for things to go wrong and plans to change. Pay attention to where you are on the map at all times and things should be just fine, even in a whiteout. 🙂

  2. Hi what are you using to keep phone charged up with ? Have had mixed results with pick solar charger £15 sometimes getting 55% and other times 20% just ordered a double AA battery holder thing off eBay hoping that will help keep the juice. Peter

    1. I have an iPhone 3G and I find it very hungry on batteries when using the GPS and internet. I’ve tried the Freeloader, the techfocus extender https://blogpackinglight.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/iphone-battery-extender/ and a Portapow http://walkaboutuk.blogspot.com/2010/06/kit-mp3-player-battery-recharging-in_13.html . None are very effective, I’m afraid. If the iPhone’s battery is low, then none seem to be able to charge it more than about 50%, sometimes less.

  3. Hi just tried it with duracel procell and got 30% have seen some lithium recharables have you tried any recharables or / lithium batteries ?

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