Fuizion Food review

Paramo, the Laser Competition and Terrocs, what do they have in common? They were “game changers”. Paramo changed the way we thought about waterproofs, even if not everyone liked them. The Laser Competition shifted the goal posts for single man tents. Inov-8 challenged our concept of appropriate footwear. Along comes Fuizion Food and transforms the quality benchmark for freeze-dried food. Yes, it’s that good.

In my youth, there was no such thing as reconstituting food with boiling water in a pouch. The nearest thing was Vesta meals, which had to be boiled in the pan. When I started backpacking again a few years ago, freeze-dried pouch meals had displaced more conventional food for the weight conscious backpacker.

Being a curious soul, I investigated several types. Be-Well and Expeditions Foods got an enormous thumbs down from me. They were a “substance” rather than food. They had an unpleasant taste and induced extreme flatulence.

Mountain House and Adventure Food were acceptable but still some way short of being “real” food. Real Turmat was head and shoulders better than any other brand. Sure it was expensive, but it tasted like real food. The end result was still an indeterminate gloop, but it tasted good and was filling.

 The new kid on the block, Fuizion Food, changes all that. This is real food. The taste is superb, not suffering from an excessive saltiness (which is a drawback to Real Turmat). Instead of a thick soup, you get real pieces of food. The meat is like real meat. In particular, the chicken is identifiable as real chicken. The vegetables have real structure rather than being a mush. Impressively, the potato cubes are cubes rather than a mash.

This would be no good if the flavour was lacking. However, the flavour is excellent. I had four meals: Savoury Minced Beef, Savoury Minced Lamb, Coq au Vin with Rice and Chicken and Bacon Pasta. I enjoyed them all. The minced lamb was probably my favourite.

Preparation was no different to other freeze-dried meals, just add boiling water. The instructions indicated 310ml, but I added more like 350ml. This was only excessive for the Chicken and Bacon Pasta, where I ended up with some extra sauce (no hardship!). Ironically, the only “crunchy” piece of underhydrated food was a piece of bacon.

If I had to criticise, the packages are the wrong shape. They are too thin and tall. After hydration, I cut the top portion of the packet off to make it easier to get to the contents. I also think the portions could be a bit larger. They are a bit light on bulk and could have more pasta/potato/rice to fill them out a bit.

Fuizion Food has now caused a problem for me. I have about ten unused Real Turmat meals. Having tasted gourmet meals on the hills, I’m not sure I can go back to Real Turmat, which is a huge change for me. However, they keep for a long time and I’ll sneak one in every so often. I guarantee you that once you’ve tasted Fuizion Food, you’ll be reluctant to go back to the gloop we used to call food.

Top to bottom: Coq au Vin with Rice (left: dehydrated, right: reconstituted), Savoury Minced Beef, Chicken and Bacon Pasta


12 thoughts on “Fuizion Food review”

  1. Glad to hear that there is something new on the market, will have to try them.

    My current favourites are the MX3, which I think are French. They use a bit more seasoning than the rest and worth a try.

  2. Fuzion Food it is then. 590-600 cals for 110g is not bad – carry a third and split it with your companion if you’re REALLY hungry. Thanks Robin and Terry – I’ll grab some and give them a try. We often take a 200ml plastic bottle with some port up the hill with us – real food and some nice port? That sounds like luxury…

  3. Actually looks like real food! Thanks for the review.
    Will probably give them a go.

    Though not sure how old you are but I (40) remember eating very similar (though not as sophisticated) freeze dried products – out of a sealed bag – in the mid 80’s – chicken with peas – real pieces of meat too, though gravy a little salty. Didn’t buy many as they were about £2 or £3 even then. We called it ‘Space Food’!

  4. I just recieved my order today, I ordered Savoury Minced Beef, Kung Po Chicken and Noodles and Thai Green Chicken Curry and rice although to be honest I’m not awfully keen on rice.

    Your review is encouraging, I’ve read where people say they’re too expensive but they’re cheaper than Real Turmat and if they’re better thats another plus point. In the end I don’t mind paying a premium for gear that works so I’m not going to worry about the cost of a few meals if they taste good.

    Almost tempted to try one now 🙂

    1. I’m not out on the hills enough for cost to be an issue. I’d rather have something tasty and satisfying even if it is a bit expensive. Believe me they are even better than Real Turmat.

  5. [In my youth, there was no such thing as reconstituting food with boiling water in a pouch.]

    So! You don’t remember Raven foods then with the weevils in then! LOL

    Thanks Robin, i will give them a go when i have reduced my stock of RT.
    BTW i have a Scarp 2 in transit. Can’t wait to get out there with it.

    1. I never tried Raven Food. I often used to carry a can of stew for the first night then revert to Vesta meals. The other favourite was savoury rice with a can of kippers. It was a one pan meal as the can of kippers could be heated in the same pan as the rice.

      I hope you like the Scarp. Don’t forget to seal the crossing pole loop and pole arch!

  6. Pleased to hear you enjoyed the food mate.

    Felt like I was a pilgrim in a unholy land at times praising Fuizion!

    It really is good food and without a doubt the best I’ve come across.

    Got a All Day Breakfast to try – if thats good then they’ve nailed it for me!! The times I’ve woke on a wild camp and could murder an all English….

  7. Robin, I also used to use Vesta meals, or canned stews etc, funny I was looking at them in Poundland or whatever on Monday but resisted the temptation 😉

    I’m working shifts until Friday evening but there’s every chance that I’ll be tempted to try a Fuzion before the weekend, I think they’re calling to me as I write. =:0

  8. Raven’s main meals were ok for their time. The breakfasts generally had weevils in but we still ate them. Think of the protein we said. Well you eat anything when your hungry.

    Re- Scarp, Thanks, I have made a note of mods that Martin and yourself have suggested.

  9. I wonder if they ship to Canada. Will have to e-mail the company, as I could find no information regarding shipping policies on their website.

    We usually eat Mountain House or Backpacker’s Pantry, but as mentioned, many of the options leave much to be desired.

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