I’m back

Well, I’m back. It didn’t rain. Not one drop! It was windy on Saturday and Sunday. Monday was amazing. Sunshine with a cooling breeze. Ideal backpacking weather. A trip report will have to wait until next week, but here’s a taster.

I walked the length of Ullswater on the Howtown side, which was magical. I camped in Grisedale (I think you can guess where). The next day was over Fairfield and down Deepdale, another of Lakeland’s deserted gems. Overnight I camped at a windy Hayeswater, kept awake by some noisy stags. Monday was a magical ridge walk from Rampsgill Head to Pooley Bridge via Loadpot Hill. I’ve got over 200 photos to sort out, although the weather was generally not conducive to landscape photography.

I expect you are just as interested in the gear though! Well Fuizion Food is fantastic. It is so much better than anything else. More on that tomorrow. The Ultrahike may not be perfect but it is very good. I’ll do a proper review soon. I was also impressed by the Velez Adventure Light. No disasters, but there were a few glitches like my iPhone GPS going haywire.

I’m quite tired, so that’s it for today. I’ll fill you in a bit more tomorrow!

Dawn at Hayeswater


5 thoughts on “I’m back”

    1. That was the one thing I didn’t use, but I’ve used it for dog walking and it’s fine. I think the Icebreaker Chase is warmer and more stretchy.

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