More Paramo and Montane

I’m hoping to be in the Lake District this weekend, depending on health issues (not mine). Apart from the Ultrahike and Fuizion Food, I will be trying out a couple of other new items.

As you know I like Paramo. I’ve been following with interest the introduction of lighter Paramo garments, but have resisted buying one. Last week I took the plunge and bought a Velez Adventure Light. I would have prefered a Vasco light. The Vista and Quito are not quite right. So it was the Velez.

I think I prefer the fixed hood to the detachable hood of the standard Velez. The lighter outer material is noticeably thinner than the standard outer. It is also shinier and seems to be a denser weave, which may make it more water-resistant. It’s a shame the sleeves are not slightly longer.

The other new bit of gear is the Montane Bionic Long Sleeve Zip Neck. Compared with the earlier versions of their Sportwool garments, it has a smooth rather than waffle face. Although quite close-fitting, it doesn’t cling quite as tightly as the Icebreaker Chase LS, which is quite similar. I like Sportwool. I think it combines the best of wool and synthetic fabrics.

I’ll give a fuller report on these after I used them for a few days (hopefully this weekend).


14 thoughts on “More Paramo and Montane”

  1. The Velez looks great and a while ago I was tempted when I found a site selling them off for £100.00! I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I prefer a full zip for easy on and off. I like the Vista but they could have put upper arm’ venting like the Vasco. (Just sold my Vasco)

    In the end I opted for a ‘Cioch Glamaig’. The outer is Beach comber and of course the pump liner inner. I prefer the length of the Glamaig covering my crotch unlike the Vasco and Velez.

    Today I bought a Haglofs Barrier Jacket. I didn’t know what size to go for becuase their size guide seems somewhat distorted. Any sizeing comments are most welcome….

    1. Both are worth considering. If it’s very cold, I have a Haglofs Dual fleece vest which only weighs 195g to wear under the Velez.

    1. TBH I was looking at some mid layer jackets like the Vapour Rise. There’s hardly any difference in weight and the Velez is a lot more flexible. Sacrilege, but there are times when an eVent shell over Paramo is a good option. The Velez Aventure Light is also noticeably more compact when packed. Shame Paramo haven’t done a 3rd Element light or used the lightweight outer for their windproofs like the Fuera (I emailed them suggesting this, but no reply).

  2. Love my Bionic – was superb on the TMB. I’ve just purchased well over £550 worth of Páramo stuff but got a discount & a free Torres Gilet. Reviews to come.

  3. Aye it’s almost Paramo time again. I have the Std Velez adventure and just love wearing it. It’s just the feel over typical eVent/Goertex proofs that make it for me.
    Yes it’s a bit heavier but it’s so good and it has never let me down yet. Touch wood.

    Interesting these new foods Robin, i only came across them a few weeks ago. I still have plenty of others at the moment so i won’t be buying just yet. But at the cost of them i am very interested to read what you and others think of them in due course.

  4. I too much prefer the ‘Anology System’ over the crinkcle crunch conventional shell!

    I just bought my GF ‘TNF Tri Clim Amplitude Jckt.
    Hyvent outer which is poly spray on and on the inside 100gsm (Primaloft equiv) heatseaker zip in/out jacket. Outer shell has pit zips which is a bonus!

    I just revieved my Haglofs barrier Jacket. Very light compared to other garments in similar thermal properties. I like the fit and their size chart is well off! Similar to Montane sizing really.

    Anyone have any thoughts to throw on the Barrier Jacket?

  5. I am really intrigued by the Paramo concept but have yet to try anything on that doesn’t have the cut of a billowing bin bag…

  6. TO: JAmes

    If you like the Paramo system and would like to own one but find the sizing too baggy then try Cioch. Cioch are the same as Paramo using the ‘Anology System’ except you can get it made to measure! Of course you need to get your measurments correct but you can speak to them about this. Also you get the chance to add pit zips if required or any extra’! It’s also not much more than Paramo – in fact my Glamaig turned out cheaper than Vista/Veleze light!

  7. I have tried the 3rd element but I found that far too loose for my liking…I really like the snug Rab fit so have just accepted I am never going to get on with Paramo.

    Thanks for the Cioch suggestion Philip, will take a look.

  8. To: JAmes

    It’d be worth going to Skye for a hiking holiday and getting yourself properly measured up whilst there! At least you’d be sure it’d be an exact fit but it would take about three/four weeks to make. All good things come to those that wait!

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