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Good food is a must in the hills. At the end of the day, nothing revives the spirits like a good hot meal. Real Turmat has been the gold standard for freeze-dried meals, but they are not cheap. Terry has highlighted a new kid on the block: Fuizion Food made in the good old UK (RT is Norwegian, in case you didn’t know).

As I’m off on another jaunt next week, I thought it would be a good idea to get some to try out. I ordered four meals on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday. There are nineteen main courses to choose from, although a number are not in stock. I selected Savoury Minced Beef, Savoury Minced Lamb, Coq au Vin with Rice and Chicken and Bacon Pasta.

The packs are a similar size to Real Turmat, but not vacuumed packed. Below is a comparison of the Fuizion packs with a Real Turmat meal and my Outdoors Grub pouch snug. Sorry the photo is not as arty as Terry’s 😉  .

You’ll have to wait for a review until the week after next. However, I thought it would be interesting to make a quick comparison between the Real Turmat Beef and Potato Casserole and  the Fuizion Savoury Minced Beef (with Potato).

Price: RT £8.95, FZ £6.50
Net weight: RT 114g, FZ 110g
Water required: RT 390ml, FZ 310ml.
Calories: RT 555kcal, FZ 590kcal.
Salt: RT 4.6g, FZ 0.8g

The Fuizion Food meal is quite similar to the Real Turmat one but cheaper. Although the reconstituted volume is smaller, the calorific value is slightly higher. Also the salt content is a lot lower.  The other difference is the best before date on the Real Turmat is 2014, whereas it is 2012 on the Fuizion, presumably because the RT is vacuum packed.

If Fuizion lives up to its claims, then it should be a viable and cheaper alternative to Real Turmat, which would be welcome, especially as the range of dishes is greater.



17 thoughts on “Fuizion Food”

  1. Less water to boil over several days is less fuel needed and to carry if you where that determined to save weight. They look very good and good grub is a moral boost in poor weather. I will be getting some.

  2. I was looking at the range myself and intend ordering a few to try. Interesting that the salt content is lower, as I don’t normally take salt I find some dehydrated meals can taste a bit unplesant.

    Being impatient I may not be able to wait 10 days but I look forward to your review anyhow.


  3. Richard’s comment is interesting. I bought some Aqua Venture from Outdoors Grub and felt obliged to bulk the order out a bit so ordered an RT meal. Hated it because of the salt, which is a shame, because Outdoors Grub give superb service – as good as R&R, whom they apparently contacted when setting up the business. Perhaps I will have to try some Fuizion. Then I’d be justified in buying a long spoon from Bob and Rose.

    1. I think they are only available direct from Fuizion. I can’t see international shipping rates on the web site, but if you email them, I’m sure they’ll tell you.

      I’ve added your blog to my blog roll. Lovely pictures!

  4. One of the advantages of Expedition (BE WELL) foods is that you get 10% off for BMC membership. Saw you had an exchange with Fuzion – Alison might want to consider that as well – it’s a good way to get new customers.

    1. Thanks, I will mention it to her when I give feed back. I’m afraid I really don’t like Be-Well. The meals I’ve had from them have been truly dreadful (Chicken Pasta, Shepherd’s Pie).

      1. Shepherds pie was awful but I like the rest. I like the fact that I can get 750-800 calories out of them. If Fuzion can get bigger portions them maybe I’ll convert…

  5. Interesting stuff .. but some dubious data .. the “Rice Pudding with Fruit” claims to have 109.8g of carbohyrdate, 24.7g of fat and 11.2g of protein.per 100g of product. Something doesn’t add up somewhere! But many of the meals look like good high-protein stuff – ideal, since adding dry carbs from other sources is easy if you want to.

  6. Just wanted to post an answer to the 100g of dry weight having more than 100g of protein, carbs etc. The values are work out on the food prior to it being freeze dried, so you would have roughly 400g of cooked rice pudding before it was freeze dried and reduced to 100g. The nutritional content is still the same as when it had moisture and weighed 400g. I hope this makes sensr but please email or call me if you would like any further information! Thanks

  7. Alison – it is simply impossible for 100g dry weight of anything to contain more than 100g of nutrition. Your starting values when the stuff was hydrated must be wrong. Given that your claimed food values for at least two products are so hopelessly wrong, it raises the issue of whether you have accurately described other products in your range. And I have emailed you, and you haven’t given me an acceptable answer!

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