PHD Minimus Jacket

Recently, I bought a PHD Minimus jacket in their sale. I paid £131 (with hood), compared with a list price of £189, so it was a bit of a bargain. PHD seem to do non-standard colours in their sales. Instead of the standard black or red, my jacket is a rather nice navy blue.

The material is M1, which is very soft, making the jacket very compressible. The weight is 362g for the jacket and 54g for the hood. It comes with a nice little stuff sack (22g). The inside of the collar is fleece, giving it a lovely snuggly feel. Overall it is very warm and I was too hot after wearing it for a couple of minutes.

My only niggle is the hood. Instead of a draw cord, it is elasticated. This may save weight but it doesn’t feel quite right. Apart from that, it is superb. The quality of workmanship and down is very high. It should be ideal for the colder months.


21 thoughts on “PHD Minimus Jacket”

  1. Out of interest, why did you go for down over synthetic esp when you go to damp environments like the lakes?

    Pure warmth? Better Packability? Lower weight?

    Why PHD? Montane North Star looks a top jacket!

    I like synthetic because of the low care and thermal properties if wet.

    1. I have a synthetic jacket already (Rab Generator Alpine). I wanted a thicker down jacket for winter. The Minimus is lighter and warmer. It’s really for wearing in the tent rather than on the move. The North Star is a bit heavier and PHD has a great reputation for down clothing.

    2. >I like synthetic because of the low care
      >and thermal properties if wet.

      Actually I think down is more durable. As for being wet, many of the current down jackets have DWR coatings. But if you fall in the water, then yes, you are probably better off with a synthetic. Some of the synthetics lose only about 50% of the insulative power. Also if you need to use your jacket for insulation under you while you sleep, then some synthetics, such as Thinsulate, are better.

  2. Forgot to mention seeing that we’ve left summer we’re now moving into ‘Paramo Season’.

    Cioch Glamaig jacket is being put to the test now we’re getting some rain. The hood is great but I often wonder if the wired visor is too large. It feels a comfortable jacket and the length is perfect. I found the Alta 2 too long and the vasco/velez a tad short at the front getting your crotch wet. The Glamaig sits somewhere between the two.

  3. Could you post some pictures of the hood? I was considering the minim ultra pullover with hood- I assume they’re the same hood.

  4. Robin – I bought one of these in the sale last year. Great product – really warm – last winter was an excellent test for it. I agree the hood could be better. If I could put the hood from my Montane Flux on this, it would be prefect.

  5. Have had one of these for several years. Excellent jacket. Great round camp, or for boosting the rating of an overcold sleeping bag. I have walked in it occasionally – run I run really cold. As I do a lot of solo Munros, all seasons, I think of it as leg break insurance.

    I got the version with the (semi) waterproof shell. (Weighs a little more, which had baffled me for a while.) I agree about the hood.

  6. I really like this jacket and tried one a couple of years ago in a sale. Unfortunately for me it didnt fit or wear “right” if you know what i mean as the arms were way too long and the bottom hem would ride up all the time. For warmth though it was like wearing a furnace!
    In the end I bought an antifreeze which has a variety of cinches and toggles etc that means it fits me perfectly. It isnt as warm and doesnt have a hood though

  7. M&S Autograph Ultralight Down Jacket.

    Was looking for reviews on down jackets. I was in M&S last week and stumbbled upon their new range and amidst it a 90/10 goose down which is ultra light and very packable!

    Now for the good new: £69.00!

  8. I remember reading and blogging about your PHD down jacket.
    Well yesterday I picked up a Down gilet/vest from Blacks (Technicals) and although it’s 60/40 I only paid £10! Yes, that’s £10! (Originally £60.00 down toi £15.00 on the sale rail but with 1/3 off on top!)

    My friend snapped up two of the same but full jackets for £13.33 each!

    These may not be as good as your PHD but for the price!

    1. Wow, that’s good. Blacks are in financial trouble (last week’s FT) and may not be around for much longer. They own Millets as well.

  9. The high street really is going to take a hit! We’ve already had Wooley’ down the spout. I’ve always wondered how Waterstones have survived! (What with these Kindle users! Ha ha)

    I thought that Blacks and Millets are owned by another big company?

    Maybe in the new year they may have to close some of their branches. There’ll be many landlords worrying that they’ll not renew their leases. If the company goes into administration like Unwins did then First Quench and now Oddbins there’ll be more empty premises on the high street!

    Either way there’ll be bargains to be had and possibly TKmax’ stores might be stocked well…

  10. Yes and their customer services is atrocious! After my recent Berghaus Activity fleece episode!

    At a full year pre tax loss of £23.3m – they’ll probably buy it for a ‘£1’ or something!

  11. I forgot to mention that I found my friend two of the Technicals jackets (Inc Arms) for £20 each! Minus another third off, they were just over £13 each – so he had both! Shame there wasn’t one in my size!

    I’ve enclosed an interesting Marmot youtube presentation about how down works and how they measure the fill power.

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