Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots

Most of you will be aware that Fitness Footwear have been sending bloggers samples of footwear to test. I am only interested in testing gear that I really want. I didn’t fancy the shoes that have been on offer. However, I did want to test a pair of Salomon Quest boots. Adam at Fitness Footwear was not willing to give me a pair, but very kindly let me have a pair at a discounted price.

The reason for wanting a pair of Quests is that winter is approaching and I fancied a pair of proper boots for the colder months. My Fastpackers are great boots for 3 seasons, but can be a bit cold for winter. Although the Quests are quite a substantial boot, they are still very light. The Fastpackers weigh 500g per boot, while the Quests are 675g, which is very light for a full featured boot.

Out of the box, they impress by the quality of the finish and attention to detail. The top three pairs of cleats are all self locking, with a satisfying “snap” as the lace is pulled in place. This allows for different patterns of tightening on the upper boot. The heel locking cleats are substantial and well positioned. This is something HiTec could learn a lesson from.

The upper is a combination of suede and nylon mesh with a substantial rubber toe bumper and a heel strap. Salomon win the prize for silliest description of colours. Autobahn and Flea…er what? Basically they are grey.

The sole unit is more substantial than the Fastpackers but retain some of the characteristics, being based on running shoes. Although quite flexible they are definitely stiffer, particularly laterally. The sole itself is a grippy rubber with a sort of wave pattern. I suspect the pattern owes more to cosmetics than science, but we will see. The grip is good on the stone paving on my front path, which tends to be quite slippery when wet.

Quest on the left, Fastpacker on the right

 I’ve worn them on few dog walks over the weekend and they feel very comfortable. Salomons tend to fit my feet well, so this is no surprise. They definitely feel like boots whereas the Fastpackers feel like shoes. The top of the boot finishes well above the ankle. However, there is a reasonable amount of flexibility, especially if you vary the tension of the lacing.

Quest on the right, Fastpacker on the left

The lining has a slightly fleecey feel compared with the mesh like feel of the Fastpackers. Obviously there is also a Gore-Tex lining. My overall initial impression is very favourable. I’m off for another trip in a couple of weeks, but I’m not sure whether to use them. It’s probably still a bit too early in the year. However, I’m planning a jaunt in November, where they ought to be ideal. I’ll do a proper review when I’ve used them.

If you want to see Fitness Footwear’s selection of Salomon shoes and boots, click here.

For general walking boots click here.



5 thoughts on “Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots”

    1. Unfortunately HiTec don’t quite work for me, both boots and shoes. Salomon are the right shape. The Fastpackers are the best boots I’ve ever had bar none. The Quests seem quite good, but you’ll never know until you’ve done a 15 mile day in them.

      1. I’m averaging 10,000 to 12,000 page views a month on my blog. That can’t equate to magazine copies sold as purchasers will read more than one page in the magazine.

        I don’t think that TGO or Trail have got it right with their integration with the web. Trail have probably done better than TGO.

        Personally I prefer TGO to Trail as it is more thoughtful and in line with my lightweight philosophy. I have a very high regard for Cameron and Chris, whereas I think the journalism in Trail is a bit superficial. That’s not to say that from time to time there’s not some interesting stuff in Trail and that they aren’t interested in lightweight stuff (vz. PTC and Bob C doing short articles).

        I think blogs are generally better at seeking out interesting bits of gear that are not mainstream, e.g. small US gear manufacturers like MLD. Also blogs often give several assessments of gear as they are used on trips. I think this is very helpful. I am susrpised at how few manufacturers are proactive with bloggers. It’s a great “viral” medium. Once a buzz gets going, then it spreads quickly.

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