Family comes first! One consequence of my last Lake District trip is that it is clear that my wife is not ready for me to be away for two weeks. She was glad that I had returned early, even though I had planned originally to be away for only a week. We discussed the feasibility of a two-week absence next year and it’s probably too much. Reluctantly, I’ve decided that I won’t enter next year’s TGO Challenge. Hopefully, we can experiment with some longer absences with a view to an entry to the 2012 Challenge. While it’s disappointing, I’m still very lucky to have a partner who doesn’t mind me nipping off to the hills on a regular basis. I’m counting my blessings rather than cursing my luck. While her health is improving, it’s a gradual process. This year I’ve missed Scotland. Next year I need to return, perhaps twice if I’m lucky!


One thought on “Priorities”

  1. Robin – you are so right and it is so difficult sometimes to balance these two things. I do feel guilty spending a fair amount away on business and then saying – oh I am off again walking. As you know Mary is gradually getting better from the accident and now her back operation. I glad to hear that your wife is on the mend even if it is gradual. As you said before – hills will always be there, they are not going away

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