Gear reflections: bits and pieces

Just to round up some last thoughts on the gear I took to the Lakes.

Aku NS 564 boots and Rocky Gore-Tex socks

While these are good boots, especially when it comes to clambering over rocks, they don’t have much cushioning for road walking. They have no membrane, so I used some jacket wax on the forefoot of the boot to enhance the water resistance. This worked quite well. Occasionally there was a slight dampness but for the first two days my feet were comfortable.

On the Friday when it was raining and conditions under foot were very wet, I used my Rocky Gore-Tex oversocks.  The Akus were overwhelmed and I could feel the water inside the boot. However, the oversocks kept my feet reasonably dry. Initially there was some bunching beneath one foot but this seemed to clear after a while.

While this was a good combination, I’m probably going to return to my Fastpackers for most conditions. For me they seem to be almost ideal. For colder months I’m investigating a slightly more robust alternative.

Super Delios water purifier

This was a real star. It’s so much easier than the Travel Tap. I was slightly sceptical about the bottle supplied as it seemed a bit small at 300ml, but it was ideal. I also used the filter on some Source collapsible water bottles. It was very easy to squeeze the water through the filter. This is a real find and solves the water filtration issue once and for all. I shan’t be taking anything else again. Why bother with pumps and chemicals when you can use this?

Turboflame Turbo 2 lighter

I bought this on a whim. I like a back up lighter for my stove. I also use it for burning toilet paper and sealing dyneema cord. It is very robust with a metal body. It gives a double jet of flame that makes lighting anything a doddle even if you are holding it horizontally. It’s not exactly SUL at 65g.  I really liked it, although I know some people will think it’s a bit superfluous.


7 thoughts on “Gear reflections: bits and pieces”

  1. Hi,

    I own an aquamira frontier pro and this Super Delios seems superior on many points : 0.2 microns vs 3 microns, 1000 L vs 200L, weight quite similar.

    If it is really the best filter ever , why is it not as famous than other devices ? I really wonder …


  2. I saw it on Alan’s blog too. It’s really surprisingly anonymous! I’m using an Aquaguard in-line from Drinksafe which is heavier but I really should be spending cash on my winter kit. Certainly one to think about…

  3. I’m just back from my Lakes trip from last Sunday and have just read that you like the Super Delios. I’m pleased t hear that. There is nothing worse than suggesting an item only to find that you are the only one who likes it.
    I have used it all week and i have found it excellent, Causing me no problems and it’s so easy to compress the bottle.
    I too tried it on a Std water bottle and it’s fine.

    All i can offer to Pierre is that there are so many products made in Japan that don’t seem to get publicity in the west. Of course it depends on the marketing budget. I found this by chance and it’s proved good and as long as it works and we share information on items like this, increased sales may create a larger budget that will result in better media coverage.

    1. I’m increasingly of the view that old media is lazy and waits for manufacturers to approach them with products for review. Bloggers provide a more proactive stance seeking out unusual products, reviewing and publicising them. The Super Delios is a case in point. Hats off to you, Alan.

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