Eskdale photos

I’ve just uploaded the photos of my recent trip around Eskdale to Picasa:


9 thoughts on “Eskdale photos”

  1. Robin – good photos. Hollins Farm Campsite – excellent site. I have done day walks from there several times. Eskdale is much the better side for doing Scafell & Scafell Pike. Looks like the weather started half decent and then got pretty rough. Those last few shots show why you had to abandon the trip!

  2. Robin – forgot to say – that photo of the Scarp – the fly looks like it really sits well on the tent – very taut.
    I have a question if that is OK ? Did you purchase the crossing poles ? and if so, what do you think the tent will stand up to using these in the winter i.e Snow, high winds etc

    1. No problem Mark. I do have the crossing poles. I thought the modest extra cost worthwhile. They should help considerably in high winds and snow. A really heavy snowfall might be a problem. If I wanted a bombproof winter solo tent it would be the Hilleberg Suolo, but for most of the time, the Scarp should be more than adequate and certainly better than the Akto or Laser Comp.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Looks grim towards the end. Shame, as it was a really nice start.
    The upper Esk is such a wonderful spot and the views are great as you head up to Bowfell.
    From the photo your camp spot doesn’t look that bad, shame it turned into a water bed. Been there, done that etc. At Langdale of all places.
    Your new Vortex base tent looks good. I have not had a look at one inside but it looks ok from the pics.

    1. I shouldn’t have camped in a hollow. It was my own fault. The Vortex is an excellent tent, especially as I only paid £230 for it.

  4. Eskdale is a superb location in almost any conditions, home to the best routes into the Scafells and Bowfell mountains. Excellent clarity in the pictures.

    Sometimes it’s hard to call whether a flat spot will be prone to flooding, sometimes the drainage is good and it just gets soggy. Perhaps it’s as well you didn’t see the water actually rising around you!.

    1. Definitely poor camp craft. I had a feeling it was vulnerable. First time I’ve been flooded!

      It’s a great area to explore. I’ll be back.

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