Two firsts

I have returned early from a very wet Lake District today with two “firsts” under my belt. It’s the first time I’ve had to abandon a trip because of dental problems and the first time I’ve had to abandon a pitch because of flooding.

On Thursday night, I felt a crunch in my mouth and the front of one of the crowns on my front teeth fell off! Fortunately it is uncomfortable rather than painful, but an emergency visit to the dentist is required. Ironically I had a dental appointment on Monday, where I pointed out the crack in said crown, but the dentist was relaxed about it!

On Friday morning, after six hours of heavy rain, the slight hollow where I had pitched my tent started to fill with water. I shouldn’t have pitched there, but the ground was appealingly flat. Gear was hastily packed into my rucksack and I walked back to my base camp tent at Hollins in the rain, crossing some seriously full becks. However, it did prove that I have solved the leaking pole sleeve issue and that the silnylon groundsheet of the Scarp really is waterproof.

More on my trip and gear over the next few days!


11 thoughts on “Two firsts”

  1. Robin – hard luck on both counts. I look forward to your trip report. I am itching to get out myself but looking after my wife after her operation to remove a disc in her back – can’t be help – so I will have to be content with reading about other people’s trips !!

    1. I can sympathise Mark. My wife is suffering from a long term illness and was rather pleased that I was coming back early. Hope your wife has a rapid recovery.

      1. Thanks Robin yes it can be difficult to spend days away when your wife is not well. I hope your wife is on the road to recovery. Mary broke her leg badly back in November 2009 – had a plate put in and then developed a rare condition called Complex Regional Pain Disorder – where the nerves think there is still a injury even after it healed months ago. She has not been able to walk properly since and I think that may have caused the disc displacement – so she really has been through the mill this last year and never really complains about it .

        I was hoping before all this happened that she could come out with me on walks now our sons are older. We used to do a lot walking before we had children. But I think it may quite awhile yet !

        Still enough about me !

      2. My wife has a chronic pain related condition, so I can fully sympathise. Although it is improving, it’s a slow process. All the best to Mary for her recovery. Our loved ones take priority over the hills. The hills will always be there for another day!

  2. “Poor Campcraft” Sir! Sigh….

    Rotten luck Robin – Look forward to hearing all about it though. Would love to hear more about the Scarp as Shirl & I are thinking about the Scarp 2.

  3. Robin, It’s only weather.
    Looking forward to your review and what you think of Hollins as well.
    Any chance of an email on the Scarp 2 also, as we are considering it to.

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