Breaking radio silence

I thought it only fair to point out this thread on fabric boots on OM , to which I have made a contribution. As most of you will know I have been a fan of both Salomon  Fastpacker GTX and AKU NS 564 boots. If you are thinking of buying these boots, it’s only fair to point out that others have had less favourable experiences than me.

I’ve never had any grip problems with the Fastpackers, but others have, perhaps in conditions that I’ve not experienced. There is also a disturbing story about a pair of NS 564s disintegrating. Mine are still in one piece but I’ve not used them much recently.

I felt I ought to break radio silence to point this out. I’m going back into hibernation now. See you in September.


2 thoughts on “Breaking radio silence”

  1. Just a quick gear update: I’m patiently and optomistically awaiting delivery for my order which I placed at Cioch for one of their tailor made Glamaig Jackets. I asked for it to be fully lined at the sleeves and black in colour. Apparently, it will take three weeks to make which adds to my trembling with excitment!

    The Paramo Vasco is on sale at a good price! I never used it and it’s brand new!

    May be off to the Breacon Beacons next weekend so the Marmot Driclime will be donned and the Montane Prism 2.0 for insulation. Problem is I haven’t a waterproof shell to take – Glamaig was supposed to fill that position!

    Glamaig updates, if interetsed, to follow…..

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