Service resumed

I’m back from the Lakes. I feel a bit disoriented! I had a very interesting Tuesday night camping by Sampson’s Stones underneath Scafell. A severe test for the Scarp 1, which survived but I’ve found a problem. Eskdale is one of the most fantastic places on earth. There were a couple of other gear disappointments and the demise of the Fortress to report. I’ll put everything back in order when my brain starts functioning again. Over 200,000 pages views since starting the blog. How much free time do people have???

Wednesday morning apres le deluge in upper Eskdale



10 thoughts on “Service resumed”

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.Is the demise of the fortress related to your Marmot Thor Tent?Can’t believe anything could happen to that,it’s built like a tank.

  2. Likewise, looking foward to hearing more.

    Personally, I’m having trouble comprehending that it has rained somewhere – although I see that it’s not forecast to be particularly good for my planned trip next week.

  3. We don’t do patience. We need our instant reports and our hillwalking on line fix 🙂

    On rain. Gayle summed it up. It hot in the east right now. Heat wave time.

  4. As you know, we were also in that deluge that you had on tuesday night. Our modest £39 tent didn’t leak and it was incredibly stable in those winds.
    I couldn’t believe how good it was for the money.

  5. I’ve had a scarp 1 on order since mid May with no sign of a delivery date as yet, so I’m eager to find out what’s happened.

  6. Sampson stones are a magical spot. Do spill the beans on the Scarp, did you get a bit of misting in heavy rain?

  7. I somehow expected the photo above. As the rest of the UK bathes in sunshine Robin always manages to find the bad weather!! All in the name of product testing of course!!

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